Hi guys, thanks for all the advice for my Lymphoedema. I've been to a well known high Street store and got 2 sports bras which will start me off, I'd never heard of a Lymphoedema vest so I'm grateful for that info, and I'll follow it up in the coming months. I'm based in Bristol and I get 3 visits to learn how to tape myself up and the rest is for me to research and find out, so any help and advice is gratefully received.

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HI Jenny,

Glad you got sorted. I have similar and am lucky enough to have MLD from a lymphedema nurse pus taping and self massage. However it is proving a long job to get on top of it, especially in the breast. However, learning to live with it now. I do find the tape makes a difference.

Good luck and hope it improves.

keep smiling


You are welcome, glad the info was helpful, MLD is a must though and if there is hardened tissue, Hivamat MLD is even better as it breaks down some of the fibrotic tissue. Taping without MLD is not going to reduce the swelling greatly though, just minimises it probably. If you have pain, large lidocaine patches offer great relief ( test first if you are allergic ), I used them for the side/armpit area which is really painful some times. Better that than taking more medicines.

In regards to the sports bras, please make sure that they do not put pressure on the armpit area, under the breast or shoulder as that is the way of the drainage and that they offer enough support. There are many vests, I like the belisse one as it is the only one that is soft enough, has inside "pockets" for adding pressure pads and has gussets for the armpit area so that the pathways are not blocked. The bra works better on medium height people ( I am 5ft 1" and it is a little too long for me ) but, as I said, if you

order it through a hospital, measurements and returns are easier.

Best wishes,



Have you tried Farrowrap? If you have strong arms this might be an alternative to compression garments


My Lymphoedema nurse told me that a NHS patient is entitled th all the treatment she needs. I can call her an day and she will phone back if i leave a message. I also get my toe nails cut at the surgery.

If your doc says only 3 then see about changing.

It doesnt pay to just take what they are saying --you have been dealt a bad hand and it is up to you to ask for all the help that is out thhere.

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I was told that I should tape my breast and keep it for three days and for the following two, I was given a type of wavy spongy material to put inside my bra which was cut according to my breast. It helped me a lot.


The LSN has a list of Lymphoedema Consultants in the UK. I got a referral from my GP (it may be the Oncologist in other localities), to see Professor Peter Mortimer at The Royal Marsden Hospital Sutton at his Lymphoedema Clinic. He also may be located at St George's .

I was officially diagnosed last Oct 2014 with Lymphoedema & Cellulitis in the breast I had a Lumpectomy and 4 Lymph Nodes removed + Radiotherapy.

I initially was on daily Penicillin VK 2x 500mg, but had daily diarrohea. The Cellulitis finally shifted after many months.

The LSN I wear M&S sports bras and they do go up to a G, in that design. JMP.


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