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Sleeve problems



Is there anyone who has trouble getting Sigvaris sleeves from the Chemist. I've got lymphodema in my right arm after a mastectomy 2 yrs ago. It did reduce to 5% but when I had a check up last month was back up yo 17%. So I took my prescription to the Chemist and went back 10days later only to find it was an XS I needed medium..S0 back it went and I went back yesterday and this time the one sent was mitten less. So another 10 days to wait. Tried another Chemist who say its difficult to get hold of the sleeves and I'm waiting for a phone call from him!!!

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Hi Taffia it may be worth you speaking to your lymph specialist or whoever originally gave you the prescription as other makes may be easier for chemists to get. I have had mediven combined arm sleeves and now Jobst sleeves via prescription but I get Sigvaris gloves direct from physio as they are not on 'list' here in Scotland. I've also had hiccups with local pharmacy ordering wrong size/type but we are on the right track now!

hi taffia

having tried lots of brands before settling on jobst for now, i found out that it depends on which wholesaler your chemist uses - each wholesaler has companies they deal with routinely, but anything else becomes a 'special' which takes much longer & tends to involve more mistakes

the other thing to check is that whoever's ordering the script uses the right 'pic' code - you should be able to get the code you need from your ld nurse, then make sure that's the one staff at the gp's use

it is very annoying, isn't it, when you've waited 3 weeks for new sleeves & when you go to collect them they're the wrong size / length / compression class - never mind the time when i'd waited all that time & there was only 1 to collect cos the rpt scripts woman assumed they came in pairs (can't entirely blame her, if she'd glanced at the price)

so when i settled with jobst i phoned round a few local chemists to see who uses a wholesaler with a regular jobst contract ... of course, the one that does treats haddenhams as 'specials' so i have to wait ages for new gloves!

i share your grrrr

Taffia in reply to norberte

Thank you,-its consoling to know I'm not the only one. I'll ring the nurse on Monday and ask her to fax the correct script to my GP. What you said about the Chemist makes sense now. These things are sent to try us!!!!

I have recently heard about a service offered called Daylong Freepost Prescription service. You get your prescription from the Dr and then send it to them with the details of what you need and they say "you are guaranteed to receive the compression hosiery as prescribed which will be conveniently delivered to your door".

You send the prescription to: FREEPOST DY501, Daylong, 10 Cossall Industrial Estate, Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 9BR (with a cheque if you pay for your prescriptions) and lo and behold! It arrives in the mail.

I did receive some flyers from a couple of compression reps (one Sigvaris) and gave them to patients, so sent an email to to get a further supply of flyers, and some Freepost envelopes. These arrived by return.

Sounds a great way to get what you need without e constant "nope! That's not right, send it back!"

rother in reply to PhoenixLincs

This is were I send off my prescriptions to and they are excellent

wow! phoenix! i'm v interested!

have you tried them, or has anyone else? what kind of timescale do they aim for, d'you know?

i'd assume they could work more quickly if they specialise in compression stuff as they'd be stupid not to have links with all the suppliers & manufacturers

& when i get into made-t0-measure corsets then sleeves i'm dreading the repeats being wrong, even with the unique garment no to put on the script

oh, & beware faxes! if they print out a bit smudged at the gp's our rpts woman takes a guess instead of phoning to check - i know they're busy, but still slightly annoying

Hullo - only a tiny thing - the NHS code is

PIP not pic - it's the key - but yes they

get it all wrong all the time without the

code. Thanks for info on postal delivery

My ladies are close to the stage of needing new garments so I will report back when I have more news. In the meantime, best of luck :)

I Found boots to be the only chemist who got it right on the whole

I have found Lloyds chemists to be very good at getting Jobst sleeves. My therapist only recommends Lloyds. I had lots of problems before trying to get the sleeves through the GP in house pharmacy.

Your Lymph specialist will give you the details, I get a pre paid envelop, just need to pick up the script from the GP and they do the rest.

It was a few months ago, so I can't remember exactly how long it took but it was a few days, definately quickier than the chemist

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