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Cold, throat & ear virus

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I have been suffering last few weeks for a cold, which has developed into ear & throat infection, and just starting a course of antibiotics. Today my legs which have lymphoedema in aching, also been feeling unwell. I'm scared its goin turn into cellutis, which I have had a number of times. Does anyone else lymphodema hurt more than unwell. Any advice greatly appericiated..

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I wouldn't worry about getting cellulitis as you're already taking antibiotics unless they don't attack the bacteria that might develop in your legs. For the moment, I would drink lots of fluids, and be relaxed as stress will definitely bring other problems. Don't worry. Hope you feel better soon.

My legs always feel less under my control when I am going down with a cold or similar. I read an article in LSN when someone said the pain in their legs was like tooth ache and I agree. Try not to think of the worst as that doesn't help. You are taking anti biotic drugs, but don't be afraid to go back to the doctor either.

Hi Sarahj38, I am sorry you are having such a rough time. You are doing the right thing by taking the antibiotics and resting and being watchful for a cellulitis flare up although different bugs tend to cause throat infections so hopefully you will be fine. Some members tell us that when they have been unwell generally they are more achy than normal maybe because of generally being poorly but also because it tends to upset the routine that their legs are used to - not moving so much, not able to carry out their SLD etc. so hopefully all will return to normal when you are feeling better.

Hi Sarah, personally antibiotics are evil. They create more damage than benefits. I had the flu for 3 months with all the different stages and antibiotics were generating me mouth ulcers. My face was swollen thought I was going to get disfigured and I heard about a gel which killed my flu and put my body back to normal! My flu is completely gone without having to take antibiotics. If u give me your email adress, I can send u some info regarding this magical gel which has solved all my problems. My hand does not swell and is completely under control.let me know if u want to get better.

I am interested in that gel my email is

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LymphSuppNetworkPartner in reply to Bluedolffin

Hi Bluedolphin Whilst it is entirely your choice to step away from conventional treatments such as antibiotics the reality for most is that cellulitis is a very serious health issue that often leads to hospitalisation and severe illness if not treated very promptly with antibiotics and as such we would ask that you share your views with thought on this particular subject in a public forum. As moderators of this site we are always delighted when people share what works for them with others but if we feel such comments put others in danger we have an obligation to moderate the comments and will not hesitate to do so.

thanks for your comments.

However I had 5 infections last year and it affected every part of my body. I learnt how to cope with Infection as i went through: Throat infection, Kidney Infection, Groin infection, Mouth ulcers and Cheek infection.

I did not mean to put anybody in danger or undermine the antibiotics effects. As matter of fact, I took some antibiotics several times last year and admittedly, for severe lymphedema cases, it is probably the only solution.

I am only a mild sufferer you see however i had time to figure out how to deal with infections before they seriously attacked me.

I guess i just want to share my experience like everybody else on this site cause it is comforting. I have learnt so much from some of you guys and iam grateful for that. I empathise with all and each of you and my only intention is to show that in spite of all we say about this disorder, there are some solutions out there to prevent this from getting worse in the first place by taking your LO under control.

Hope it clarifies the matter. I will be more careful in the future.

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LymphSuppNetworkPartner in reply to Bluedolffin

No Problem Bluedolphin - glad you are managing your condition so positively - as you say it is good to share but also to be careful - thanks

Thanks. This gel is the best thing that ever happened to me after all those years of torture!

My legs feel heavy and ache along the femur, but not as much as pneumonia.

I just rest easy, do a bit of exercise and back to bed in the warm. Get better fast xx

Blue dolphin

I would really appreciate details of your magic gel. I am really fed up and depressed with this cold and cough which I've had for weeks. the coughing gives me sore sharp pains in my midriff. I have lymphedema from l. breast all down to my toes. Hoping you can help. email is

Thank you, Nan.

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Bluedolffin in reply to nan2high

Hi Nan2high, ( btw love your username )

I just sent you some information on your personal adress. I had the same cough last year. I could not hang out with my friends cause the cough was so strong and disturbing for everybody. It lasted forever.

First of all, you need to ask your doctor to prescribe you a strong syrup to calm the throat. I am not a doctor, just a nutritionist .

Secondly, read my email. this gel will strongly prevent this thing to happen again in the future.

Let 's keep in touch.

Thanks Delphine, I just sent you my phone number, you are much quicker than I am. Been busy tidying up & cooking today, my wee sister is coming to stay for a few days later tonight. My user name is simple - my first name is Nan and my address is 2 High Road. I've got to keep things simple - too many passwords & stuff to remember. I'll let you know how I get on.



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Bluedolffin in reply to nan2high

Hi Nan, Tidying up and cooking is something i do too but it used to make me very tired, breathless after a couple of hours standing up. I have to try to find those plastic gloves as well since cooking is dangerous. If you cut yourself especially.


Hi Delphine

I can't find your email anywhere. Where would my personal address be? Would you please resend it to me at I know where to find this address. Sorry to be a pest.

Please have patience with me I really don't know how to negotiate this site.

Thanks Nan

no prob, I just sent you the info, please provide your phone number on the email so i can call you and explain more in details. :-)

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