carbonhydrate lymphie friendly?

Hi Guys,

One of the toughest challenge for me now is to ban eating all shapes of carbs cause they make my lymphs swollen on my right face. YEAH!

I had a test done last year and it revealed that i am intolerant to wheat, gluten, barley and oath.

Forget about biscuits, cereals, bread. My life is miserable. I was wondering if you knew about a possible solution as i find it very hard to cope with everything and our body needs at the end a bit of everything.

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  • Thank u will follow yur advice

  • I tentatively went 'low carb' a while ago, and after about 2 weeks, realized that I had heaps more energy and no longer had the dreaded 'bloated' feeling. We went to stay with friends for a weekend, who believe what I do is 'faddy' so I ate what they gave me (in moderation) - after 48 hours I couldn't wait to leave and go home!

    I do not crave sugar any longer. A bonus has been weight loss - 20lbs so far!

  • Ok thank for yur support. Will be motivated. Though this diet looks a bit like the Atkins diets. I heard before that this diet was not good for yur cholesterol.

  • Quite the opposite - it actually reduced my cholesterol level! It is low carb, not 'no carb', so I never go into 'ketosis' which is what Atkins tries to do. I eat lots of leafy greens, lots of berries (mainly for breakfast with full fat yoghurt) or with cream for dessert. It's a win/win way of life, and you soon adjust to no sugar. Try it - you've got nothing to lose!

  • Hi, just because you are gluten intolerant, it doesn't mean that there are not lots of delicious things you can eat. you can enjoy rice and pulses, quinoa etc., you can even make delicious cakes using ground nuts instead of flour. Take a look at they have fab recipes that are gluten free from main meals to puds and sweet and savoury snacks. I used to eat a night protein, low carb as I thought it was better for my lymphoedema, but the reality is that a balanced CLEAN diet is what you should focus on. If you are getting your carbs through fruit, veg, rice and pulses you will be amazed to find that your body doesn't crave sugar. In fact am pretty much veggie these days with no adverse impact on my lymphoedema, so ignore the fads and enjoy your food. If you google gluten free recipes you will find lots more too. Good luck. NNE

  • Thanks for yur advice. :-)

  • I too found I was gluten intolerant about 5 months ago, it was hard at first, but I found lots of 'off the shelf' products, such as bread, but generally cook meals 'from scratch' so that they are gf. I don't miss it anymore, and have lost over half a stone in weight. which, has made a great improvement in the Lymphoedema in both my legs, and I have also noticed a massive improvement in sinus problems that I have suffered for years. Win-win for me! It just takes a little time and patience to get used to it. :)

  • Hi Jusie, thanks for sharing your experience, I plan to make a green juice everyday so my husband is surely going to be overwhelmed :-) since he only eats carbs. Can you please explain to me what kind of symptoms you had regarding your sinus. I think i am developing some kind of allergy for eating too much carbs in 2014. Tell me if you have the same symptoms: My nose is itchy and i am sneezing a lot. I went to see my GP who prescribed me some antibiotics augmentin. Antibiotics kind of worked half way. After one month, I have itchy nose again on both sides. My right cheek is swollen a bit.

    I am taking antibiotics again but not sure it will resolve the problem.


    This is a wonderful site that can provide you with just about anything you are looking for to substitute all of the products you can no longer eat.

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