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Hi ladies have any of you experienced monthy pains after a hysterectomy ?

This is strange i had a radical hysterectomy a year ago everything was removed but the last

few months ive been experiencing a lot of pain each month around the same time as i used

to have my periods.Im literally doubled over with cramps just like period pains it lasts a couple of days.At first i thought it was a coincedence but it keeps happening my lymph nurse said it

could be the body adjusting but i dont understand the cramps and timing has anyone else

heard of this ?

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Hi Alison. My comment is based on very little scientific knowledge, but your symptoms remind me of the phantom limb pain people often experience after an amputation.

I also note that you are approaching the first anniversary of the operation which may (or may not) be relevant. As a therapist I believe that 'the body holds the score'. By this I mean that the body can hold the emotional pain from a time in our lives when we might not have been able to get to grips with what life can throw our way. It then starts to release the emotional pain via a physical route when we are in a better space. So I am wondering, were you able to work through any emotional response to your major surgery and all that it meant at the time of the operation? If not, perhaps it would be a good idea to seek some counselling?

It's a possible explanation based on emotional rather than physical concepts - feel free to completely disregard if it feels irrelevant to your situation!


Hi helen thanks for replying its a very interesting way of looking at it i would never disregard anything im very open to any ideas. Im having some counciling ive had a

tough time getting my head around my cancer then lympheodema maybe theres a

link there somewhere ! x


I had my radical hysterectomy in March last year and yes I have had these same pains. Not every month but they are just like period cramps. I still have my ovaries so I am still ovulating each month I have been told that this could be why.


thanks for your reply mistymay it makes sence as your still ovulating each month i dont have anything left its so strange im wondering if its like Helen says and its more

emotional although the cramps hurt so much it feels very physical x


Hi! I had my hysterectomy in 1998 and I experienced period pains for quite some time afterwards. I also had other symptoms - before my period I was really clumsy...dropping and/or breaking things and that can still happen today...around about the time my period would be due!!! Weird isn't it?? XX


hi sue 32 thanks for your reply yes the body is a strange thing !!!! At least now i know

its not just me !!!! x


Hi Alison,

YES!!! I had a hysterectomy and ovaries removed 5 months ago. Last week I had to get an appointment with my GP because i had period pains. She checked me over and everything was fine. She said you can get period pains for even a year or so afterwards. I had menopaused during chemotherapy a year and a half ago so i hadn't expected it. She said it was probably knitting and settling pains.

Hope this helps x


hi razza thanks for your reply that does help thankyou x


I recently attended a weekend looking at the nervous system and it is clear from that that phantom pain can be caused by the 'nerve memory' from the past. It may be worth asking your GP about pain management clinic availability through the hospital where you had the surgery, as at least they will hold your notes there. I am also right there with Helen (therapist) on the emotional connection page as there is a strong emotion-mind-body link up, so though razza's GP suggested 'knitting and settling' pains, I would see those as being about emotions as well as being part of the physical healing. Good luck with getting help.


Thanks lovesradio x


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