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Support Stocking Liners

Hi I have been using yellow line as a liner for my stockings but I see Support Stocking Liners are available. Are they something you can get on prescription no one has ever mentioned them to me?

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Not really sure why you were advised to wear actifast under compression stockings - must have made life difficult to get the stocking on, unless you are in class 1.

Liners are available on prescription and are used a lot for patients with ulcers - to protect the delicate skin.

Is your skin susceptible to damage?


Hi Lynora, It's just what they used when I was in compression bandages and they continued to use when I got my stockings. Legs not that susceptible to damage.

What do other people use under the stockings or do they use nothing?


Hi nobody000, I have never heard of anyone using anything under there compression stockings I no I don’t.


Understand completely about using under bandages - but there is no need to have actifast under compression garments. The garments should be in contact with the skin - the fabric is supposed to act like skin and move as you move, to stimulate movement of the superficial lymph vessels. If your skin is undamaged, you do not need liners. What clinic do you attend?


Thank you both for your time I will try not wearing anything under my stockings. Not sure if it is normal but I have only seen a lymphoedema nurse once when she measured me for the stockings all other treatment was given by practice nurses at my doctors.


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