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Lymphatic Education

Hello everybody, I can imagine most of you already know this website. I am following already for a while, and last years they are doing such a good job on advocacy, education, research and building awareness for lymphatic diseases. On 9.14.14 they managed to have an official Walk on the Brooklyn Bridge. I do hope this will get international attention. There are many people suffering from a variety of lymphatic diseases, yet nobody knows about it still. Only 1670 likes on Facebook, yet millions of sufferers. Please spread the word so people start to wake up and look for a cure. There is a lot of good information on the site too. Take care and thanks for reading this. (i have primary lymphedema and I find their website very hopefull). I do not like site where they put people 'like us' as freaks with unrespectful pictures, ... That is why I like this one very much: it is very respectful towards patients.

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