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LSN Patient Conference yesterday

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It was lovely to be at the Conference with so many lovely people and I'm sorry I didn't manage to meet more of you from this site in person. All the sessions were useful and interesting and so well done to all the LSN volunteers for the organisation of a complex and never-tried-before way of running the day. I learned a lot and moved a little more towards becoming an 'expert patient' as Denise Hardy described it. It's the first LSN Conference I've managed to attend and I will certainly try to get to next year's as well. Travel to and from Birmingham from Scotland had a number of hiccups courtesy of Cross Country trains but it didn't spoil my day!

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Hope you did not miss your final connection lovesradio. I also echo what you have said so well about the conference.

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Believe it or not I did! But nice train manager sent message on to Edinburgh and a bit later came to tell me that a taxi would take me and two others who had missed their connection over to Fife. So that's what happened and I got home about 12.15. Forgot about clocks changing so did all that this morning!

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It was a fantastic conference, thoroughly enjoyable and great to meet fellow lymphies. I found the breakout sessions really informative and I had a great response to my customer research questionnaire in the exhibition room on an online clothing/footwear company. I will be putting the questionnaire on here this week if anyone is interested in taking part, thank you, Jemma.

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AnneBury in reply to LymphieJem

I have filled in my form and just posted it to you & have also sent one to my brother.

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Hi AnneBury, thank you so much your input is very valuable. I will keep you and everyone else posted on my business developments. Best Wishes, Jemma.

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It was my 1st conference too and I absolutely loved it. Learnt so much, found it emotional and moving listening to the experiences of fellow lymphies. (I had a wobble).

I left feeling empowered and will definately attend next year.

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