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I have now reached 4months worth of leg wraps

How time flies. I had a set of loose wraps last week from the DN she tried hard but even though asked for tight at the toes she had not got the same ability the other Nurse has. So by the end of the week I cut one of the off in desperation, yes sore uncomfortable the lot. Having removed it I then had to find a tube grip for security I forgot how long they have been safely held by bandages.

Now all rewrapped firm and much more comfortable thank goodness. You may have guessed the farrow wraps are still not here the doctors have not sanctioned them my comment was I will pay but they dont want that.

The waiting game is tedious the good bit is I am a size medium -fantastic- I am so chuffed!

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what are farrow wraps? excuse my ignorance, i wear activa below knee stockings but like now more swelling so back in compression bandages, apllied by hubby as if i waited for an appt goodness knows when i could have them put on.


Farrow wraps are similar material to stockings but seamed with velcro fasteners so you put them around your legs and fasten in order and you can change the tension. If you have mega difficulties with stockings ( I have severe problems with my back and cannot pull them up) it means you can put them on yourself and take them of at night. They come from America however you can get them on prescription in England here they come from Hadenham Hope this helps gins


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