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Support Pop Socks - should they hurt?

Hi, I have had secondary le for coming up on 12 months, finally got to le clinic in January, and have my first compression bandages the week after next.

I have le of the lower legs, both legs, with a tendency to cellulitis and lymphoerrea.

I have been 'given' made to measure pop-socks (1 pair) which I wore for the first time yesterday - legs have been too sore for them till now, today too :( and they felt very comfortable (once I got them on - that was a struggle!) except for the tops, which I had to pull up a few times during the day - and had to keep checking that the blood was still flowing as it felt as if they were cutting off my circulation, and my legs felt almost bruised when I placed my fingers in to pull them up.

Is this normal? or should I worry?

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I was worried by my socks when i first had them, class 3 below the knee both legs, but I have managed to persevere and now feel strange without them. I could not wear them yesterday as they had not dried in time, i am waiting for a second pair and the swelling returned very quickly.

I am new to LE but can completely understand what you are going through. My advise would be to see your nurse/gp whilst wearing them to get their opinion or alternatively go to a good chemist to get their view.

I can't believe the difference they have made to my legs and am glad i have stuck with it.

Good Luck !


I wear made to measure knee length stockings and have mine made with open toes. I find them so much easier to manage and really would really struggle with closed toe stockings. I feel the open toe allows my toes to breath more easily but, much more important, it is much easier to fiddle around with the stockings and my toes and feet during the day. There may be a medical reason why you need closed toes but I would recommend that you ask about the possibility of open toe stockings in the future. Good luck!


I have made to measure below knee stockings. I too sometimes find they really hurt where the top band goes, it usually happens when I've pulled them up a bit too much and they tend to catch behind my knees making them sore and occasionally leaves bruises. Elesecks - if you're finding you're having to pull them up and they have been correctly made to your measurements, it may be worth investing in some skin glue and put a few dots on your legs below the silicone band (don't forget to ensure your legs are hair free or it really hurts when trying to peel your stockings off!). I use 'It Stays' by a company called Medi UK. I tend to dampen the stocking with warm water where the glue is for easy removal. The glue also comes in handy when wearing a top or dress that can be a bit revealling - beats boob tape hands down!


they should give you extra wide at the knee/top.

I have had problems with them not doing this and just ordering regular, and it has created small varicose veins that I did not have before


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