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has anyone been told to have bariatric surgery for weightloss?

My specialist has told me they want to do bariatric bypass on my, attach to my intestine not my stomach, given my weight, I have lipodema and secondry lymphodema. I put 1 stone on every year. no diets, healthy eating or exercise have worked.

this seems drastic surgery to me, any one had it with positive results? I researched that it can increase chances of stomach cancer as secondary problem.

be interested in your views please

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sounds like you're in a really complicated situation, cathy

one thing that might be helpful would be to phone the lsn helpline 020 7351 4480 - it seems to me you've been given loads of information about what treatments you could have, & chatting that through with someone who can help you get more clear about how you feel, what you want & what questions you want to take back to your team might be a good idea

the other thing that comes to mind is, unless you're v young, skin doesn't shrink when you have rapid weight loss after bariatric surgery - so you'd still have just as much skin, which is where the lymph lives

or are they saying they'll remove that for you as well? that's a huge operation in itself & you'd end up with big scars the lymph couldn't get past

i hope someone comes along who can tell us more about how bariatric surgery affected their lymph - i bet lots of us are curious about that

as i said on the other thread, good luck - & presumably there's no rush & you've got time to think about it before you decide which bits to have done & whether to have them done all at once


thank you- lots to consider here and to put to my medical team. Cathy



this is the package that's been funded, so all or nothing so I have been told. yes I am wary I do not want to make me worse. I'm 48yrs. my lipodema is full body and the other conditions complicate it.


I'm very overweight and I'd give anything to have weight loss surgery, but it's extremely difficult to get funding in Wales!! XX


My husband had a sleeve gastrectomy just over a year ago. Due to his weight they did not want to do full bypass feeling it was too dangerous in his case. He has lost 10 stone so far. His weight has caused him to develop secondary Lymphoedema but with the help of stockings and the weight loss this has decreased considerably. Different forms of bariatic surgery have different outcomes and complications. The sleeve may be the first stage leaving to a full bpass at a later date if necessary. If bariatric surgery is being recommended to you make sure you get all the information you can about the procedures on offer and what is best for you. We didn't get much info prior to the procedure but fortunately for my husband he seems to have been advised correctly and is doing very well currently.



cathy, please don't feel pressurised into accepting treatment you don't want just 'cos it's been bundled up as a 'whole package'

they can't do anything without your informed consent - the package that's been funded might be what the various specialists would prefer, but if it's that great they can always do it to themselves!

ask loads of questions, sort out what you want then tell them they need to go back to your local exceptional funding panel (that's who'll have sorted out the dosh for all this) & revise the 'whole package'

it'll delay things a bit, but surely that's better than jumping into stuff you really don't sound sure about

please do give the lsn helpline a ring - with this sort of complicated situation they'll be able to help you think about it step by step & not let a scalpel near you till you're ready & you know why it's needed & what it's doing


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