As I'm new to this I don't know if this will be any use to anyone! Today I had my first MLD at The Haven in Fulham. It's a charity which deals with breast cancer and offers all sorts of treatments. I found them on line and having had no treatment whatsoever until now am thrilled. The place really is a Haven. I couldn't get any treatment on the NHS and now can have 10 massages and a number of other treatments as well.

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  • That is sooooooo cool!!!!!...I am very pleased for you that you have found that sort of help

  • that's great, taffia

    for anyone who doesn't live near a haven, they do a good video of arm exercises on their website

  • thats great for you. I dont have anything like that but do exercises i was taught and they do help, good luck.x

  • I had mld massage but was not given any exercise to do. What kind of things do you do?

  • If you go on the Haven website there is an exercise sheet you can download. It's very good.

  • Thank you i have downloaded the exercise sheet. What a fantastic site the haven website is so much information. i have now bookmarked the site to go back to. I will certainly try the exercises.

  • it does help and its not hard to do

  • I saw my breast care nurses on Thursday and was thrilled that my arm has reduced by 7.5% in just 3 months. They were very pleased. I have now had 5 sessions in the Haven and been doing SLD and the exercises and its paying off. Unfortunately I don't meet the criteria for seeing a Lymphoedema specialist as my arm is reducing and they have so many people much worse than me!!! I can have 4 more MLD treatments in the Haven and hopefully can reduce it further.

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