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Theophylline for Asthma

Hello All, ws diag with Cough Variant Asthma 2 yrs ago and now Bronchietisis. So my "2nd opinion dr" suggested using Theophylline for asthma along with the Delura. She stated that Spiriva which Im currently using wsn't really approved for asthma??? Anyway, I ws wondering if anyone's hd success using Theophylline for asthma? Truthfully the only thing that really works for my chronic cough is Prednisone or Azrithomycin. She mentioned "rotating antibiotics"... is anyone here take antibiotics on a recurring basis for their asthma?

*Thanks everyone for listening😊 Its bn a long arduous journey w/ care provided by my allergist, primary care doc and 2 pulmonologists... just so diff getting the right answers and the right fit ref medication whn u don't quite fit that cookie cutter mold of an asthmatic.

God bless🙏🏽

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I am on nebulizer budesonide and perforomist 2x day. Atrovent as neb. rescue at home and Ventolin rescue when out. Singular pm. Prophylactic azithromycin Mon, wed, Fri. This is new trial to get spastic cough and asthma under control. In hospital for double pnemonia last month. So far it really seems to be opening up airways. New infection and treatment has kept me out of er ☺️☺️.

Totally understand the frustration of what is right treatment and what can I do to help myself.

Hugs and prayers for you.


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Hi Mahod, thanks for the hugs & prayers😊 My chronic cough now is like deep heave & attributed to significant weight loss😬 I ws on daily Mucinex (expectorant), but I think it ws contributing to my cough. So now Im doing the Neb x2d along with my Aeorbika breathing device.. so far so good just the nonstop hacking. I plan to followup ref the rotating antibiotics. Take care and good health to you! Many blessings🙏🏽


Lots of fluids. Warm herbal tea with natural honey and grated ginger root with lemon slices is helpful and soothing.



Sounds right to me!


Hey Years ago I was on TheoDur Sprinkle but Black Tea has Natural #Theophylline in it I have found out!

I am on #Prednisone too that's basically all that works for ME when I'm getting "flooded" My Sinuses drain into My Lungs so My Asthma Dr. put ME on Clarithromycin 500 MG of it Prednisone 40MG airDUO RespiClick Inhaler & ProAir Respiclick Inhaler or My Nebulizer of Albuterol!

He wants ME to Start getting CinqAir Shots!

This is why My Asthma Dr. had ME get a Blood Test to Check #Eosinophils levels & I think 💭 he said they were 4.0

Do you know Anything about this??

Before you start treatment with #Cinqair, your doctor may perform tests to measure your levels of a certain type of white blood cell (eosinophils)

Before taking this medicine

You should not be treated with Cinqair if you are allergic to reslizumab.

To make sure Cinqair is safe for you, tell your doctor if:

you also use steroid asthma medication; or

you have a history of parasite infection (such as roundworms or tapeworms).

A small number of people developed #cancer while receiving Cinqair in clinical studies. It is not known whether Cinqair actually causes cancer. Ask your doctor about your specific risk.


Yes, Im on a similar journey ref Xolair injections... my eosinophil level is 3.8 so waiting on my insurance approval🤞🏽I decided against the theophylline treatment aftr getting an earful frm my allergist.. didn't wanna go thru all monitoring ref my theophylline levels bloodwork, etc.. She gav me samples of Symbicort (the 9th asthma med I've tried) but its not helping ref my chronic cough or breathlessness. Waiting on results frm my sputum test & my "2nd opinion doc" recommended I use the vibrating vest therapy for my bronchiectasis.. Hopefully my insurance will cover this as well🙏🏽 Its insane how the prednisone and azrithomycin are the ONLY meds that stop me frm coughing.. so frustrating😖 I hav loss a total of 26 lbs frm the nonstop coughing & hawking up secretions.. jus exhausting at times.


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