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Is CBD oil good for asthma?

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I've heard that CBD oil can be good at opening up the airways and making it easier to breathe. Has anyone tried this or any doctors ever suggested it?

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Don’t know where my reply went. If it’s an oil with a smell, be careful. Many people have their asthma aggravated by smells of any kind. Also, if this is a cannabis product, make sure it won’t depress your breathing. That can hide a deteriorating situation. Also, if it’s psycho-active, it could make you less aware of your symptoms. Under no circumstances smoke it.

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Actually, they have small CBD Vape pens that are spearmint or peppermint flavored/scented & are very effective in dealing with asthma symptoms - works on the brain & can be used often, even with other asthma meds or homeopathic remedies...worth considering...

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But I would caution. Strong smells can trigger asthma in a lot of people. Doing that would put me in the hospital.

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The one I've used is very mild & nothing like the typical E-Vape pens you see - but yes, use with caution, they take some getting used to.

Thanks for replying! Really interesting to hear your experiences. How often do you use the pen? Does it help prevent attacks or is it more of a rescue thing?

Where or how do u find it ? Do u need a script for the medical marrijuanna to buy it ?

I don't use a rescue inhaler much but I use the nasal inhalers to help counteract the "smells" when I am overwhelmed with a strong smell and can't breathe well so it does help me some but I bet the item u r talking about would be better as it would go to the lungs , right ? Peppermint is soothing to me

I get my CBD oil from I have been using for a while now and I also vape it, it dosen't have a bad smell if you use a good reputable company as the thc content is less than 0.02%, I use to have to use my inhalers all the time but since been on CBD oil I vary rarely have to use them

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Strong smells are instant allergy /nausea problem and it can go into coughing asthmatic breathing problems for me

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I agree - sometimes the smells are not really strong and they effect my asthma

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Smells set my asthma off, even smells I can’t detect, like low level road fumes. I would never use any kind of oil.

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Yep. I lived in the South and had to be careful about where I got gas for my car. Some of the pumps had very strong gasoline odors and overwhelmed me. There were only certain places i could put gasoline in my car.

BTW - everyone thought I was making it up but my throat would almost instantly close .


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I always stand upwind of the gas. I also always use newer stations so I won’t have to actually hold the handle. I can move as far away as I need.

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I am glad to know someone else has this problem because, seriously, people thought I was making it up. I also went to newer ones they didn't have years of that smell too

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I have been on CBD oil and vape for some months now I use to have to use my inhalers multiple times a day I vary rarely use them now don't knock it till you have tried it, cbd oil is very beneficial for asthmatics

How do you use CBD oil and the vape? And how much?

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How often cany you use the vape?

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Interesting, strong smells isn't something i would have thought about with CBD oil! thanks for replyinh

I will say that sometimes essential oils trigger allergies for me too - the heavy oily smell

There isn't a smell with cbd oil well not the one I use

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CBD oil should never be pyschoactive. That's the point of it. I think you're confusing CBD oil with THC and cannabis oil. There also should be no odor at all, let alone a strong one.

Asthmatics should never smoke CBD as you say, we should ingest it either by swallowing it or letting it dissolve sublingually (under the tongue). Vaping is an option but completely up to the individual and honestly isn't the best method of intake in my opinion.

I use a high quality CBD oil and I place a dropper under my tongue before bed since personally my asthma tends to act up at night. It lets me sleep through the night and I wake up refreshed and symptom free. I actually wrote a blog piece about this to help other asthmatics who are curious about how to use CBD for asthma:



Not at all. Tried it and no change in my asthma.

I took it for awhile didn’t seem to help my asthma

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There’s so little research on cannabis. I think it has a lot to offer. There’s an awful lot of reports that it helps with chemo, for instance.

But I doubt it’s a magic bullet. I’m sure it doesn’t help everything.

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That's unfortunate because there's a lot of evidence that supports it does work, including the experiences of many people such as myself.

I would give it a try again but make sure you're using actual CBD oil and not simply Hemp oil which is often marketed as the same thing. CBD oil is not available on amazon, for example--anything sold there is just hemp oil. Reputable CBD makers will provide lab test results to show the CBD content per milliliter of oil.

You may also want to try a stronger dose. 20mg per day is the standard starter dose for beginners with CBD, but I find 40-50mg per day is the sweet spot for me. Sometimes experimenting is necessary.

More info here for anyone interested:



This weekend I tried it after exercise-induced asthma for the first time. (I had just run a 5-miler in super cold weather...go figure.) Within 15 minutes I was fine and didn't feel any constriction. I use a particular brand of CBD on a regular basis, since I can rely upon its content. Mine also is peppermint flavor.

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Do you mind sharing the brand you use?

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Yes there are so many brands and I don't have anyone to ask ?

I might be able to find it if I knew more details

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I get mine from it's marvellous for my asthma I have gone from using my inhalers multiple times a day to very rarely

Oh wow thats great news! Good find :)

I sometimes go into an asthma attack if I over excercise or the humidity is too high in the air .

Asthmatics should not be vaping. Get a good CBD oil to drop under your tongue. There should not be any smell. Do not buy hemp oil. It has different chemical properties and is not helpful to people with lung issues.

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Why is that? Why hemp oil is no good to people with lung issues?

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That's not true I use cbd oil with hemp oil as the carrier oil I have been on it several months I also vape cbd I use to use my inhalers several times a day now I very rarely have to use them, hemp oil is an anti-inflammatory which is good for respiratory diseases

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Rubbish I do both with very good results

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That's not true hemp oil is a anti inflammatory which is good for respiratory diseases I use a cbd oil and hemp is the carrier oil I also vape cbd I went from using my inhalers several times a day to very rarely

Yes! I actually found this site by doing a Google search to see if I was the one benefiting in this way. I have a puffer in every pocket, drawer and purse, but just realized that I haven't use it ONCE since starting CBD oil a month ago. I haven't mentioned it to my doc yet but it's not my imagination. Still waiting for the pain management benefit to kick in but the asthma is definitely better - and on a very low dose (1 ml daily). Suspect I need a higher dose for pain relief. I'm taking the 25/1 blend (very low THC).

What brand ? Some seem to be diluted or with other additives

CBD oil is known to be a natural anti-inflammator (amongst it's many uses) & has NO KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS.

CTFO has some of the highest grade CBD oil in the world! Besides the fact it is organic & constantly tested for quality-- we offer something no other company can compete with...10X PURE. It's the ONLY water-soluble CBD oil that doesn't destroy ANY of it's important cannibionoids during the process & is patented! It's like CDB with a jetpack going straight to the eccocanibinoid system making 10X PURE the only "true" full-spectrum oul on the market.

You need to buy it from a reputable buyer

Hi, just found your post. CBD oil and THC gummies at night have helped my asthma so much. I had been taking Singulair, Zyrtec, Avair and Ambien for insomnia. I have been on CBD oil (25-50 a day split in two doses) for two months and edibles at night with 10mg THC for one month. I had gotten off Zyrtec first for retesting my allergies. With CBD oil I was able to get through and stay off of that and Advair. I have been off both for a month. I also have gotten off ambien for a month now. This week I have gone 4 days without Singulair. Tonight I knew I would be in triggers at an Asian restaurant. I took extra CBD oil to help. I will continue my progress and see if I could get off all my asthma meds. I also know there are no pollens now, so the bigger test will be when we hit Spring. I will be seeing my Dr in Jan to check my progress. The extra benefit is that it has helped tremendously my chronic neck and shoulder pain. I mail order my CBD oil through Lazarus Naturals. The gummies I get at a local dispensary here in CO - Wana brand. Hope that helps.

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Hi! Wow! I thought i was the only one that had to be on all that medicine! So glad the CBD is working for you. Just one question....are you using the nebulizer or the drops?

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Right now just the drops.

I actually purchased a peppermint flavored vape pen when I was in Vegas a few weeks ago. As with every trip to Vegas..I came home sick with Bronchitis which is a lot of fun when you also have asthma. Tonight I was testing the vape and took a puff off it to see how it worked. I immediately notice how much easier it was to breathe. The brand I purchased was Select CBD in Peppermint.

Yes cbd oil is good for asthma as it is an anti inflammatory and helps respiratory diseases, I am asthmatic and have been on CBD oil for some months now and I also vape it and I am using my inhalers less and less

CBD has actually been a huge help for me and the asthma in my family. The way I see it, asthma basically causes inflammation of the airways. CBD helps to reduce inflammation, among other things like relaxing your nervous system in general. So essentially you're reducing inflammation and calming the airways and lungs when you take CBD with asthma.

I first started using CBD with my husband a few years ago. He had already gotten his asthma to the point where he was only having minimal symptoms just with improved diet and exercise. But of course, he was still occasionally having some mild asthma symptoms every once in a while. Once he started using CBD those remaining symptoms pretty much disappeared. We both also sleep better and just generally feel pretty good because of it. We couldn't be happier with the results.

I've also heard plenty of stories of people taking CBD for asthma who haven't really changed their diet or exercise. These people have had really good results as well, although of course a multi pronged approach to fighting asthma is best. I wish I knew about it years ago, it would have saved me and my husband a lot of pain and agony.

Anyways, he started taking 20MG CBD oil at night (the standard recommended starter dosage), and then eventually upped it to 40MG. For his height and weight, 40MG seems to be the sweet spot. The extra sleep also helps his lungs and body repair itself while he sleeps which only compounds the positive effect on the asthma. Now I use it too and it helps with anxiety and sleeping, and I don't even have asthma.

He actually wrote a blog post about his experience using CBD for asthma a while ago. It has most of the same information as here but with some more detail. If anyone is interested, you can find it here: Cheers! Emma.

These days there are a million ways that you can do CBD and not have to smoke it. Smoking it is not always necessary.

Research on CBD and asthma has come a long way even in the past few years. Studies like or or or

Here is a good overview:

How many mg of CBD should I vape for asthma

I have and love it just because I got "Sour Gummy Bears". Well they aren't Sour, so I poured some Citric Acid (Vitamin C), that's what they use to make those things sour, on them and I'm addicted.

One thing that I have discovered and heard is that there are two kinds of CBD: Hemp (Training Wheels) and Marijuana (Speed Racer). I started off slow with the Hemp version and am really not sure what I have noticed. I trust, once I step up to the "Big Kids" version, still gonna be "Sour Bears", I may notice more.

But what has done me the most good is the Nucala. Night and Day . . .

Good Luck!!

Yes , was diagnosed with Asthma a few months ago after having a chronic cough for the last 2 years . Started on inhaler which controlled my cough well and used inhaler as I needed . Started using an Organic full spectrum CBD oil 3 time’s a day , noticed my cough had virtually cleared after a week . Stopped using my inhaler , havnt used it for a month and my cough has cleared .

Am continuing with my CBD oil 😀

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