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Chest Infection When will it go away?

I recently got a chest infection and the doctor gave me some Antibiotics and prednisone and some Albuterol nebulizer treatment. Over the next few days it felt like I was getting better. But then I guess something irritated it and I started coughing really bad like before the medication. The next day I feel like an itch when I breathe in and want to cough. Not severely but its annoying. It feels like I got some phlegm in there.

Its kinda scary, I never had this before, except when I was a kid I had slight pneumonia. I only was diagnosed with Asthma a few years ago but it was mild, only just shortness of breath. But this is new to me and its really scaring me. I'm done with all the medication the doctor gave me, and I fear I might get worse.

I want to know what are some of your experiences with chest infection and asthma. How long does it last? And How would I know if Im getting better or worse?

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Hi. My best advice to you would be to go back to your doctor. If it's your asthma acting up, sometimes asthma can worsen or it can flare up at certain times due to exposure to triggers. Asthma never really goes away -- glad to hears yours is mild -- you just have to manage it and avoid triggers. It could be the chest infection exacerbated your asthma. Talk with your doc! Also make sure you're using the albuterol inhaler correctly, too.

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thanks I will do that

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