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Living with Asthma
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hey y'all :/ i'll try to keep this as short as possible

first off, my mom has some kind of bacterial infection that she needed a PICC line in and she has to do 2 weeks of infusions (tonight will make the 9th infusion shes had *one infusion twice a day* ** the first day she only had one infusion**) and ive figured out that my mom and her boyfriend/fiancee know the CEO of the local hospital :) ive been puffing my rescue inhaler like air freshener the past couple days :( dont get all preachy with me like some other people in the asthma group im in.... im not the kind of person to do this typically.. but would dropping the info of my mom knowing the CEO help get me seen by a doctor faster? TIA

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Telling staff that you're having difficulty breathing will get you in to see a doctor faster. You may have picked up some of your mom's infection and that is making your asthma worse.


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