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Can’t cope! Worried I have a back tumour

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Once again I’m worrying sick!😫 I have had bad upper back pain for nearly two weeks now and it just won’t go away. I’m 24 and have never had back pain before ...

I saw a DR yesterday and they just said it’s muscle, but as always I’m second guessing what they have said! I don’t remember hurting my back at all! And why is it taking so long to go away😫

I start a new job next week and I already can’t cope, no one at home seems to understand and they are just telling me to get on with it!

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Hello :-)

Sounds like you have Health anxiety which I know will seem serious to you and when people dismiss our concerns it is so frustrating but if your Doctor thought for one minute it was anything else they would have sent you for more investigations

Pulling just a little muscle can cause problems and they can take a while before they correct themselves again

I hope you enjoy your new job :-) x

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