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I have 10 symptoms of COVID-19


So I am needing to isolate at this point but how can I isolate from my kids, ya know? My husbands going to have to step up but he works outside the home and my youngest needs me to help with online school every day.

I’m so concerned and anxious about this.

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You have to do it, my friend was exactly the same, She isolated upstairs and her husband and kids stayed downstairs , either that or get a test and find out for sure xx

Yeah I have to find a way to get tested I think. Oh boy

All_alone in reply to Starrlight

I hope you can get tested quickly and the results are negative. Hugs!!!

Starrlight in reply to All_alone

Thanks ... how r u?

Did you get tested xxx

Nope I figured I don’t have it because I have had no fever

I had to get tested two weeks ago, git in the same day, and had result two days later, was a relief and they did it quickly, xxx

Do you know how long you are supposed to quarantine?

14 dats x


I don’t know how to handle this...I’ve been sick for about 14 days It’s just now feeling worse than other days. So I think whoever is in the house with me must already have been exposed. But maybe I should still isolate like not go out for a bit.

Dear Star,

Hope you start feeling better, test or no test.

Not sure how long you must quarantine...

but you should have a doctor who can answer.

Wishing you all the best.

Thank you so much! 😊

Starrlight 💗 I hope you have called your doctor... If they suspect COVID, chances are you & your family might have to be tested. This disease effects people differently... can have it & only have mild symptoms, but are still carriers. I am not trying to scare you... love you my friend & want you & your family healthy. Please give the hospital a call & take their advice. It's better to know for sure, then doctoring ourselves. Let us know hun... will be keeping you in my thoughts.

Starrlight in reply to melbrown


Yes get tested it will save you a lot of anxiety.


Me and my family have all had symptoms the past week. We live in Suffolk (uk) and we haven’t been able to get a test for the past week every-time ii try and order online there is absolutely nothing ! No drive centres no home kits no walk ins. Been trying every single day. So we have had no choice but to isolate the past week!

Hope u manage to get one. It’ll ease ur mind x

Thanks I don’t know if I’ll get one. I’m so overwhelmed right now.

Can your husband not get time off work to look after you? I think the rest of the house need to isolate too for a period of time don’t they, if you have symptoms? As you say, the rest of the house have probably already been exposed but until they show symptoms its best not to take that chance. I’be been through this myself Z back in May and got a test through my job which was positive. I was isolating away from 3 year old son but then my partner got symptoms. I felt bad about my partner looking after me and our son while he himself was ill so I didn’t isolate from them in the end. My son showed no symptoms throughout and we were very stringent on hygiene when cooking him meals etc but it doesn’t seem to affect kids as bad. My partner and I recovered after 3 weeks. I hope you manage to get a test and up your fruit intake (vitamin C) stay sat up in bed even when sleeping and stay well hydrated.

Starrlight in reply to Kels78

Thanks for sharing your story. I’m overwhelmed. I just want to rest.

Kels78 in reply to Starrlight

Yes it really takes it out of you doesn’t it. The best thing you can do right now is really look after yourself, concentrate on breathing easily by breathing exercises and keeping propped up, hydration, paracetamol and get your test if you can. I don’t know what country you’re in (I’m in the UK) but I had text alerts from NHS that gave us advice throughout the recovery. Take care and get plenty of rest. x

Starrlight in reply to Kels78

Thanks Kels! I’m in US


Fear makes things worse. If you are not able to mix with others yet, then this might be part of extreme anxiety we feel when we are off colour. Hope you can walk in the fresh air and have a change of air if it's not too cold. Keep smiling one step at a time.

Starrlight in reply to Hidden

Thanks blackmerlin I’ve been feeling much better for a while now. One step at a time yes great!


Good. Having tests may make it worse as you have to keep going into isolation. Glad you are on the mend.

Hey, I hope you’re feeling a lot better now

Starrlight in reply to Kels78

Hi! Yes thank you so!

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