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The peak


My anxiety reached it’s peak. It is showing more and more each day, especially with my boyfriend. I’m devastated. I can’t sleep, eat, work, live. I keep thinking whether he loves me or not. Despite all the good and sweet things he does to me, i only keep focusing on the negative side. I keep waiting him to call me all day, i pause my life infront of my phone! If he skips a nice word and doesn’t say it to me, i get anxious and start doubting his love. If a day passes without him calling me, i get anxious and ruin my whole day. I’m being tortured by my mind. I’m killing myself slowly.

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Tell me what should i do???????

Hello :-)

This is no way to live as you know

A relationship should give you joy not misery and from what you say it is not what your BF is doing but how you are reacting which comes when we have anxiety because we have low self worth and we seem to focus on something in life if not health or something else then relationships

In Between seeing our other halves we have to get on with life if we don't it becomes an obsession and that then will start to affect the relationship

No one is ever going to say exactly what we need to hear , phone when we expect them to it is impossible

I wonder if you need to work on yourself, your insecurities , are you ready for a relationship even ?

I do understand what you are doing and how you feel but only you can change this

If this is the person for you then in time you will still be together but if not then it was not the one but while you are together the times you speak and meet up you should be enjoying them

You have to look at why you react this way then work on changing or if it be this person or someone else you will eventually push them away as no one can cope when someone is so needy

I say this because I used to be like it and all I know is you have to change , you have to learn to love or at least like yourself before you can love someone else and love is unconditional

I hope you manage to break this way of thinking so you can stop feeling so miserable :-)

Start making changes in how you ae reacting , you will feel so much better :-)

Take Care x

How did you change? What did you do to be like yourself again?

Hello :-)

It is not easy I admit but you just have to start maybe my listing all the positive things about yourself and focusing on those

You sometimes as I say have to fake it to make it

So tell yourself you are worthy and if someone does not realise it then there loss not yours

Enjoy what you have today and let tomorrow take care of itself when it comes

And who ever you think you are in love with if the did turn out to be a jerk then they were not the person you thought they were so you have lost nothing

A relationship will not make you complete , we can never relay on anyone else in life to do that we have to learn how to do it by changing the way we think , so when you find yourself waiting for that call , put the phone down and go and do something else , when that call comes and yo say Goodbye and your mind starts saying , he did not say this or that , change your thoughts and forget what he didn't say but what he did say that was nice

Remember this is not a film he does not have the script he does not know what he is suppose to say he can only be him , you can't change that and have to accept it :-) x

Hello pleased to meet you.

Sorry to hear about anxiety get sky high ..

Love and relationships any emotions around this can bring feelings of insecurity..

Rashes hot flushes and can not sleep eating and other side effects..

Mentioned does not say right things from a male perspective many men do not how to express emotion words and clueless.

Lack of concern care if needed believe me might not be there sometmes..

Infactuation is what your going through if he feels the same . Will in due time say so..

Many men do not know how to approach women being romantic, intimate have senstivity warmth.

If young are often no ideas.

Anytime he is going to feel pressure to conform then he is not going to be happy.

There are ways and suggestions you know that..

Also breathing space time to do other things are important times..

Make time give you self some space hobbies understand other pressing needs.

When ring or text say no a few times if he loves you would be willing to be understanding..

If not comply then sorry let him go..

Life is so short as someone said the guy or girl you may meet may not be the one.

Take from a gentleman of experience, knowledge ..

Who has be burnt lied to hurt beyond belief...

Any one who wishes to go out with me has to fill out application form.

Anxiety need to if using caffeine avoid tea, coffee..

Cola, Chocolate..

Diet use wholegrains whole wheat pasta, rice. beans pulses.

Lean meat, fish.

Plenty fruit vegetables. Avoid alcohol..

Exercise and lifestyle changes help..

any suggestion to what to do in order to keep my mind off him for a little time?

Hello plenty you can do volunteering on line or charities or hobbies interests gardening.

Using talents skills and abilities to create a persona makes him more aware who and what you are.

Some find in my opinion the looks does not have to be intelligent smart women become attractive..

Incredible alluring and sexy ...

Also being apart means the intimacy is not boring ..

On a personal note...

Anxiety does need sorting out first this might be something need to do...

If you do not what happens it becomes an ear worm resonate echoed in your mind..

Stomach bowels chest pains headaches insomnia and other symptoms..

Then it needs to be treated by professionals support staff from mental health charities...


Hope these help ..

Please any questions please ask me happy to be supportive..

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