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Anxiety causing flu like symptoms

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Hi everyone...does anyone’s anxiety cause you to feel generally unwell?! I have health anxiety and I m stressed about the coronavirus but I feel as I get stressed by body starts feeling chills etc and like I m coming down with something?

Any advise welcome!

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Hello :-)

I am with you on this , I have HA to dreadfully and I am agoraphobic which I know has weakened my immune system over the years and yes worrying all the time can make you feel physically ill

I got up this Morning the back of my legs aching and instantly freaked out

Yesterday I kept going hot & cold and never had the thermometer out my mouth which started of at reading 36.7 and then during the day went to 37.1 and it did go down again last night however that did not stop me freaking out

I had enough going of with the PTSD I am now suffering from due to the pneumonia I had last year and now this , I am wondering how I am going to cope

Sorry I have no words of wisdom but know you are not alone and have people to talk to :-)

Take Care x

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Hi there!

Thanks so much for your message, it’s so comforting to know we are not alone. I do think anxiety is difficult for people to understand if they have never been through it themselves.

I just can’t get my head round the fact that your mind can make you have all of these sensations! Completely bizarre!

I know how you feel, last year I had a really rough time getting diagnosed with asthma and then my friend died and it just tipped my anxiety over the edge. I got back on track and now this...I know this is a major thing but I just need to try and keep calm!!! 😫x

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I am the same and I am not helping myself reading up about it every 2 minutes , it is like you know you are in a mess and punishing yourself by reading what is going of making matters worse !

My throat felt dry and a little sore a bit ago , instant panic straight away

I think it does not help that I have not got over the pneumonia strength wise , over 55 , high BP and I am now Asthmatic to :-o

When you are just going through your own traumas I get it to how this now is sending us back over the edge , it is to be expected though and we have to tell ourselves that others that are so called normal are worried to , it is frightening for everyone , I wish it would just go and quick !

But we have each other , so keep talking , if it helps us to keep getting through another day it is worth coming on and having a chat :-) x

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Thank you! 😊

That all makes complete sense! I do have a rationally head that kicks in every now and again too! 😆

It’s just the unknown isn’t it?! So good to talk to you and I hope you feel better soon about all of this 👍🏻

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I have a rational head some where but I have totally lost it at the moment :-D

It is the unknown though and the press blow things up , but this silly head of mine takes it all in !

Hopefully soon we will be saying thank goodness this is all over , fingers crossed :-) x

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Hi lulu.

I will be thinking of you. I hope yo stay well. Rest , fluids. I think stress can do that. What can you do to relax ? Warm bath, a good book Netflix ?

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Thank You , I hope you are keeping well to :-)

I like my garden so if I can get out there a bit that will help but the other things I like I am just finding it to hard to relax and concentrate :-(

I will just have to ride the storm as they say :-) x

Yes... I feel exactly like this right now. I'm a wreck and of course I'm still working...

I have SO much health anxiety. Right now I have pain in my upper boob with a bunch of lumps and I'm panicking I have cancer. I also have a lump in my neck that I've had for years that I feel like has grown.. also really bad pain in my back. I can feel the part of the spine that hurts. I'm sick a huge wreck right now.. I feel awful in every single way which is so bad right now because the stress can compromise my ammune system and I could probably get really sick. Anxiety...

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Oh bless you, I know that feeling! It’s awful!

I know it’s a small thing going but have you tried to meditate and zone out a bit? I find it helps.

These are such awful much health anxiety for so many right now 🙁

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I am such a wreck...always am but it's worse now. So a few weeks ago I went back to the gym and was exercising and I felt so much better. My pain went away and my mind improved... Then all this virus stuff happened and I stopped. I'm in so much pain everywhere and I'm convinced I have cancer or something really bad. I need serious therapy or something right now

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I find exercising is really helping me at the minute and as we know it’s so important you stay fit & healthy to fight this. Could you try walking and listen to some music?

I know when I was really bad with anxiety exercise didn’t have the same which point I seeked some help. I do hope you are able to speak to someone, it’s such an awful feeling. I was exactly the same....I was homing in on my body thinking I had all sorts wrong with me 🙁

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So yesterday I was lucky enough to have a friend of mine who is a doctor come visit me and check out my concerns. She made me feel so much better when she explained to me what she thought was going on based on what I told her and what she felt. So once again my anxiety made me go completely wild.

I am going to try to exercise at home or go for walks outside. Thank you so much for being here for me as I was freaking out!

Thank you for posting this. I'm a wreck...

I have experienced flu like symptoms too when my anxiety has been high, I've felt feverish and sore or aching body and headaches etc, it's all been so overwhelming at times, and it becomes a battle between what's real and whats anxiety, I'm just so impressed by the amount of kindness from sufferers in this community though, it's truly heart warming to read some of the responses to posts. Thank god for this place xx

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