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Broken record

Lately I don’t even wanna talk to my friends because I’m miserable from crippling GAD. I’m sure they don’t even know what to say anymore cause I’m a broken record. Anxiety it’s become totally focused on my job and how hard I feel like it is for me. I can’t quit and the idea of trying to find something else is more than I can handle. I hate talking to friends cause I feel bad being the miserable one all the time. It’s been almost 2 years since a bad job situation and getting laid off gave me PTSD. now I’m in a job which I find extremely challenging. Haven’t received any criticism but feel terrified all the time. I’m ruining my life cause I can’t enjoy anything cause I’m always worrying about work. Just needed to vent. Sometimes just knowing other people who understand helps. I feel bad for my husband cause I’m so unhappy. This is with drugs And therapy. I’m a mess

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Always speak and be open with your fiends and you’ll find they will accept you for what you are. If not then that’s a sign that your surrounded by the wrong people and then you can make the first step to beating the anxiety.

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Thx so much. I called her and she was happy 😊


I understand how you feel, I tend to ruin all the family events cause I dont smile in the pictures it's not that I dont like them it's just my anxiety gets me so overwhelmed I just need to be alone


I just dread the question asking how r things cause they r always bad for a long time now


I feel the exact same way. Always feel like I am going to be sick. Nausea never goes away been going on for months now. Have an endoscopy scheduled for this week which has me scared to death. I have no one to talk to anymore I feel like a broken record also. I have a psychiatrist but not a therapist.

Just had my daughters baby shower and had to really pull it off that I was not feeling sick and anxious to smile for the pictures.

I hope there is help out there for us cause struggling thru this is awful.



I’m so sorry ur going through this too. I don’t get a break from the never ending fear and anxious thoughts lately


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