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Worries about future


Lately since my work life isn’t stable I keep getting overwhelming anxious thoughts about future things that haven’t happened yet. Like will they hire me permanent? What if I can’t do assignment they ask me? How will I handle family and commute etcetc. It’s all so upsetting and overwhelming. I sit and ruminate. The future is unknown right now and I keep feeling like I can’t handle one more thing. Does anyone have this happen and what do u do?

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Hello sajax

Yes I do this a lot to maybe not over the same things but still the same thinking and when I ask myself why as all it does is make you feel ill it is because this is how anxiety feeds and how it keeps control over us

What about the positives like , what if I am the best employer they have ever had , what if I am so good they give me a pay rise because these could be all the " What if's " to :-)

I have to pull myself up when I start going down this road of thinking because I know deep down I do not know what the future holds and what if it may hold I can do nothing about it till I actually get there so staying in the day is the best policy I try and live by and asking myself , is everything ok today , if the answer is no I do something about it if the answer is yes then I tell myself that I will try and enjoy today then the best I can and deal with tomorrow when it comes otherwise I drive myself mad !

I am sure whatever your future holds , whatever decisions you make will all be for a reason and if plan A does not work out there will always be a plan B or you can always change your mind , we are allowed to :-)

Keep talking it can help and let us know how you are getting on :-)

Take Care x

This community is really helpful cause my family can’t deal after a while. They say relax and I wish I could

lulu-1 in reply to sajax

Hello :-)

The thing is with anxiety / depression only someone that is or has suffered with this knows how it feels because it cannot be seem but only felt by those suffering , that is why family and friends can think it is as simple as relax and stop worrying , if only it were that easy we would not have anxiety , but they mean well they just do not understand and that is why these Communities can be so helpful as we have somewhere we can talk where we know we all know what living with this is like and how it feels , so you can always come and chat with us :-) x

sajax in reply to lulu-1


Hello sajax

I really recommend Mindfulness to stop worry It keeps you in the moment

I've also just come across a book called F**K IT if that word doesn't offend you it stops worry and induces relaxation by putting worries in perspective

It's by John C Parkin and he explains the principal online

Hope that helps 😊

sajax in reply to Cat33

I may have to get it. At work today started getting all overwhelmed and feels terrible

Cat33 in reply to sajax

I know I do understand and sympathise

I really think a mindfulness course would be fantastic for you It really teaches you to live for today not look ahead They do worry maps and how your thoughts spiral out of control

The book looks good

Dare I say no job is ever worth your health I'm sorry I hope that doesn't sound like I'm trivialising your job

Take care and hopefully soon you might be able to say F**K It to worry 😊


Hi there ~ think we've spoken before .

Thing is nothing in life is certain ~ we can all live with the " what ifs " ( I do it every day,) Why not have a word with your HR department and ask if your job is going to be made permanent.

I'm sure you must be doing your job well otherwise something would have been said. Thing is here it's old Mr Anxiety putting doubts into your head. He does it all the time just for the fun of it.

Let us know how you get on~ and know you will always get support on here 🙂

sajax in reply to Hidden

Thx so much! They said upon hire it would be evaluated after 60-90 days. Boss is very hands off so I start second guessing and wondering if I’m understanding correctly before I meet with her

Hidden in reply to sajax

Oh you are welcome ~ hope your day at work today went well. Oh Anxiety tells you all sorts of things ,~ bet you are great at your job. Let me know how it goes for you. 🙂


Unfortunately today's job market has no guarantees, it seems quite common to employ on a temporary basis. Do you have a line manager/supervisor? You could request a peer review this may help you. There should be a company procedure policy document somewhere. Even on a temporary contract you could have a termination notice period.

Try taking one day at a time. I appreciate it's difficult not to ruminate. You have to try to break the cycle which is easier said than done. You seem overwhelmed Do you have a good home support network? I find venting off to someone else very helpful especially if they point out an avenue you've not considered.

sajax in reply to Hidden

Fortunately I have good home support and therapist I love. Feel bad after a while cause I know my husband thinks I’m nuts

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