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What do I have?


I signed in today and I have a question. What do I have? I scare myself especially at night. I think there is a girl with long black hair over her face. But i've never seen a horror movie or something like that. I'm scared for the mirror either. I don't know why. When I was 6 years old I had this for a half year. Then it stopped for a long time but at age 12 it came back. I still have this. Does anyone know what I have?


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Ooh help ,~ I truly don't know what this is about.Do you take any meds at all at bedtime?May be another member on here might be able to help you more. But good you have joined on here ~ it's good to chat with people and getting things off your chest can help.By speaking about your experiences you have taken your first step ~ so that's an achievement in itself.🙂

Hello & Welcome violetlake :-)

When we suffer with anxiety it can affect us all in different ways but one thing is anxiety feeds of fear

Subconsciously we can have seen something only for a few seconds maybe on the TV and something about it we did not like and then when anxiety creeps in we can start seeing that image even though we feel we have no clue where it has come from and then the more we fear it the more we see it because anxiety has found a way in to make us fear and keep a hold on us

If you can try to not fear this and maybe tell yourself it is anxiety this should start eventually to get less and less

On your next visit to see your Doctor mention it just for that reassurance as that can always help to lessen the fear to hear the Doctor say it is nothing to worry about :-)

Take Care x

Hello Violet !

Ooh gosh that sounds awful ..

dreams can be about something we’ve seen or thought about or side effects to medication or maybe anxiety etc ...

Im not sure exactly what yours could be though...

Talking on here could help but also maybe talking to a professional may help you too x hope it gets better soon x

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I can relate to how easy it is to scare yourself at night and not get that image out of your head. All your other senses are heightened at night. Unfortunately I have no idea what the correct diagnosis would be. I have no medical training it would be wrong of me to offer one. I suggest if you are that concerned you talk to your Doctor see what they advise.

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