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Living with Anxiety
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Stories or reality

My teen daughter has SAD and She lost all her friends.

Thursday night she back from school and looking normal after her homework she was listening music and I went my bed

I was fast asleep then door bell rang my husband opened the door.

It was police asking about our daughter that she is in danger I called her she came down stairs quickly.they asked her if everything is ok.

She said yes I am fine.

The police told me that some one from her school call them that she is killing her self

While she was in her and going to sleep.

When I try to figure out what's going on then I come to know that she was texting her friend that she felt low and want to kill her self.her friend told to school nurse and she sent police at our door.

My daughter was fine she just telling the story to her friends with out knowing any consequences.

Now she feels embarrassed before her friend and started screaming at home now I lost my last friend and I want to kill my self

I just made her calm down

I don't know what to do why she making

false stories to others.how I come to know that she is telling me true or it's just a story

And she never been sucidal before ,after this incident she keeps saying that she is sucidal

I am still terrified while she is in her school and I'm on work

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From what I have read I feel your Daughter is wanting attention and there has to be a reason why , usually it is down to low self esteem or a cry for help that this occurs but of course with every noise made that someone want's to take their life it has to be taken seriously

We have spoken before , I was hoping that maybe some of those help lines may have helped you get some support but that is what you have got to fight for because if she is making up stories or if she did mean it either is a sign she needs help

I would make an appointment with School again and let them know your fears and how hard this is becoming

I would talk with my Doctor again and tell them just how hard and how you don't know which way to turn and you feel you have no support whatsoever and you desperately need some , I would also mention that all your concerns are been noted on your records because if anything occurs you want it to be known that you have expressed how things are and that you have kept asking for some help

Let School know as I have said as while she is in School she is their responsibility and they should put something in place to make sure she is not going to harm herself and if they can't then put it to them then how can you feel safe knowing she is threatening suicide sending her to School ?

It can be such a difficult call to know if someone is serious they want to die or if it is a cry for help but until she has been assessed I would dismiss is she just making it up for now until someone professional can give me an answer

This must be so difficult for you and we are always here to listen , please as keep letting the relevant people know that you need help , don't be afraid to keep pestering and letting them know you are still there and waiting for support :-)

I had a friend who had 2 children who were very similar to how you describe your Daughter to be , if it helps they did go through a lot but as adults they are now doing fine :-)

Take Care x



Your answer is quite satisfying to me

She wants to go school but don't want to speak any one and think every one against her

She will met a counsellor today

Hope she will get some support there

All school staff know her problem .

Please remember me in your prayers


Sounding positive , some action is taking place

You say she does not want to talk to anyone , I keep everything crossed that they gain her trust and slowly she will open up to them and let them in

Maybe start keeping a Dairy daily

Including the things she has said , how she is reacting etc as well as anything or anyone you have contacted asking for support this could come in handy at a later date and something I would be doing

Stay strong , I know it is not easy I imagine you would rather be the one suffering than see your child going through this but have faith that this will get sorted with the right support as well as you are not the only one that has had these issues with their child believe me my friend went through so much more than you are going through at the moment I could write a book with all the content and there were 2 of them , how she stayed strong I will never know but she did and like I said it has all come good and it will for you to :-)

You will be in my thoughts and again if you need to vent , chat etc don't hesitate to come on we will be here to listen :-) x


Sounds like schizophrenia if she thinks everyone is out to get her.. also sounds like attention/ cry for help.. be there for your daighter talk with her every chance you get even if she is making up these stories she may truly believe them to be real.. sign up for family therapy and just let her vent hear your daughter out.. she needs you more than anything she relies on you so just for her sake be there for her more than you are currently text her call her what rver you gotta do to ensure she speaks with you be her "friend" but a parent as well!



She believes what she said and I am listening her

Today I didn't let her phone to school as she trying to give more explanation to her friend who is in other school and that maybe more miserable for her

I am on work and constantly thinking about her

I hope one day she will be back to normal


There is no such thing as normal.. remember that! But you gotta help her see the paths


Hello :-)

Just to let you know I have been thinking about you hope everything is going as well as can be ?

I wonder if the School Counsellor managed to get your Daughter to open up a little bit ? I do hope so :-) x


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