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Chest pains again

Right so for a while I was doing okay but I'm starting to get chest pains again I want yo explain them to you see if anyoje else has the same mine feel like they are squeezing my heart it really really hurts but last for 2 mins and then goes anyone else please please help

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Hello :-)

Have you seen the Doctor about these pains ?

You say you have been doing ok and I would have thought if it was anything serious it would not go and then come back but of course we are not in a position to diagnose on here but I do think sometimes when we are anxious we can feel these kinds of pains and it can be the muscles tensing but if you are in any doubt please speak with your Doctor

Keep us updated how you are :-) x

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Been doctors many times about it :) x



So if you have been to the Doctors they must have given you the all clear ?

Have they said what they think it is , do they think it is anxiety related ?

Are you getting any support with your anxiety ?

Try and take some reassurance from your Doctor that if they are not worried then it is more likely anxiety related and nothing else :-) x

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well most doctors have said that it could be anxiety after many tests like ECG blood tests etc.. after going A and E about 5 times i had a holter monitor and it showed arrhythmia and tachycardia .. they said that's normal most people have it... about 30 times of getting chest pains i went to a different A and E .. (about the 30th time of going A and E ) and my heart was 156bpm and it was irregular(at the time tho i was really anxious because i hated ECG,s)... and something showed up called a V wave (which they didn't tell me) so they rushed me to hospitial and by that time i wasnt really anxious and guess what? when i got there my heart was fine.. it baffled there heads.. i had tests and they gave me the clear. Its just weird how i get chest pains at random times when im happy and it only lasts 2 mins then goes


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