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Anxiety attacks


Hi iam Stafford or Staff

I Suffer with Anxiety I don't like being around lots of people especially inside places I have to sit at the back in church in case I have an Panic attack which I feel sweaty and I feel sick makes me so nervous. I don't like being with people that don't understand. but I do want to make friends with people that understand me. please feel free to message me as I want to be your friend.

Stafford (Staff)

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Hello & Welcome STAFFORD :-)

I am sure so many will relate to how your anxiety affects you and as members of these supportive Communities makes us all friends as we have a common goal to feel better :-)

Posting and answering posts get's us all chatting and getting to know each other and I am sure that you will not feel alone and also that everyone understands and no one judges on here :-)



I can totally relate to the feelings you have

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