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Hi everyone, my name is Rosemarie and I have been suffering with agoraphobia with panic disorder since I was 23 I am now 51. I have been living in a box all these years. Afraid of trains,busses, highways ,planes and elevators.

Last year I finally started to go on the highway a few exits to my son's house. I was so proud of myself. I was going every weekend​. But then I hadn't gone in like a month, so I decided to go again and boom , here came the panic attack. I was so disappointed in myself.

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why are you disapointed?? You did fab and you went back that's amazing I too cant stand public transport airports etc

you have panic disorder its part of you eh?

least you tried and keep on going you should be proud not disappointed hunni x


Thank you 🌞



Yes well done for doing all that you have despite the anxiety !

I understand where you are coming from and when we have agoraphobia it does not take much for us to fall back in the old habits and stay in again and the reason why everyday it can be therapeutic to make sure we take small trips out which from your post you know that now and what happens when we don't but please you should not be disappointed but instead feel really proud of yourself :-)

Take Care x


Thank you so much for your reply it was so encouraging


Sometimes a post helps. I am ur brother in disease. Will u believe your post helped me book a plane ticket and take a 3 day looong pending trip, that I was trying to avoid. This was to meet my daughter. Onway back I got severe carpopedal spasm due to hyperventilation. That I quickly overcame by holding breath.

Now coming to the good news. I missed many important traveling commitments over the past year, and somehow after reading ur post I could travel once again. I had a small attack but I managed. I am sure after reading my post u can take that haunting highway exit once more. Don't forget to tell me once u do it, for I must travel again in a fortnight. I will travel after u motivate me again by going to meet ur son.


Oh wow that's awesome. Very encouraging. I want to go to Disney with all my kids and grandkids.


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