Went back on anti-ds

It was a week since I posted regarding citalopram 20mg my gp prescribed me But ive decided to stay on the sertaline 50mg after 2months of just stopping them. I called my boss on thursday and told him how i felt and I got upset and I told him i wasnt going to come back until Monday. Now Im dreading it as im scared I will feel unwell at work tomorw and have a panic attack again. What should I do my work is very busy at the min and my boss is relying on me to get work done Im so anxious about going back....should I just go and get it done with and see how I feel? Ive been okay back on sertaline with not many side effects (well ive mostly been indoors all 4days) so jeez Im worrying to the point I have acid reflux and pains.

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  • Hello

    I presume you could be at work now ? I wonder how you are finding it if you are , sometimes we dread things and go through the " What If's " and they never happen , I hope this is the case for you and things went better than you expected :-)

    Take Care x

  • Hi thanks for getting back to me, unfortunatley I called work this.morning and said i will return on Wed. 😓😓😓

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    Well that is fine , you feel you need a couple more days :-)

    If it were me though no matter how bad I felt by Wednesday I would go in because anxiety escalates so much the more we put things of , we sort of have to face it

    It will tell you so many negatives to try & keep a hold of you and lot's of " What If's " but try and turn those around for instance if your head says " What if I have a panic attack " turn that thought to " I won't have a panic attack "

    I have every faith that you can do this and hope you will come back and let us know how you get on :-) x

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