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iPad back

Evening all.

Got my iPad back a couple of hours ago.

I've had to reprogramme everything on it.I'd forgotten half my passwords so had to resign in to everything,such a palavar,but I'm glad to say im all up and running now.

Just going to have something to eat,then I'll catch up with today's posts.

Don't forget to get your thinking caps on for Positive Friday

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HI Annex

Glad to hear you got your ipad back x Mine is being a bit of a pain since the update for ios8 wish I had left it now x Its always a pain when you lose passwords etc I do it all the time x :) Still phew your back lol x Donver


Hi Anne

Glad you have it back & hope you get it all sorted with the passwords

I never use the same password either even though my girls always say why do you have all different ones because you can never remember them , but at the time I do them I think I will so I don't write them down either :-D

Have a lovely evening :-)





Hi Anne

It's good to have you back :-)

Jules x


Hey Anne :D

Glad you remembered this password ;)

Hope you've had a good day, be on postive Friday soon x


Didn't pink,had to resign in with a different one,

See you shortly xxxx


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