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Mood keeps changing

I've notice for a bit that my mood would change, one minute I'll be fine then the next I'll be moody and not want to take to anyone. Sometimes I'll just get really annoyed. I don't know why my mood keeps going up and down this happens at college especially. Sometimes I'll be really happy then another day I'll be really down. My friend will sometimes say that I look depressed. I will feel quite down for no reasons. I can just get this feeling in my stomach and I know that my mood will go.

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I think I would go and talk to my Doctor about how I felt and they usually ask a few questions which gives them an idea if you could be suffering with depression or anxiety can also keep changing the way you feel mood wise

There is a Action on Depression site on Health Unlocked that could advise you more on Depression and how it affects you , I will pop you the link on so you can have a look :-)

Take Care x


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