Living with Anxiety
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Anxiety or my health?

I am now 18 but since i was around 13 ive been getting this on off feeling of a lump in my throat but it also feels as if my entire mouth, tongue and throat are swollen. It feels as if im very slowly swallowing either my tongue or something else. Doctors have never found any thing physically wrong and always put it down to anxeity which i have pretty bad (ive been agoraphobic for 3 years) i cannot shake the thought that there actually is something there. The worse part about all of this is how down that feeling gets me most days. It gets to the point im crying most of the day spending every minute in fear and it always takes me right back to where I try keeping my mind away from, suicide. This feeling in my throat causes suicidal thoughts to flood my mind and there is nothing I or anyone can do to help. I really dont want to be stuck with this forever. It makes life too hard to live when all you think is "the only way ill be better is if i end it". I know plenty people will find this pretty stupid but it is a serious problem that i can't seem to escape. I guess im just posting this for help, maybe others feel the exact same. I dunno. I just really need answers for people in this situation.

Thank you for reading.

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All ways carry gum and water with you, you need this to comfort your throat, this will at least stop that closing in feeling.

Then get in touch with Mind and do a self referral for some therapy, if your honest and open they will give you loads of help. And please try to eliminate that ending it all feeling from your mind, it will only make things worse

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I get this as well. I just have to remind myself that its just my anxiety making me more sensitive to everything.


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