sick all the time on top of anxiety

Does anyone else not only with with every day generalized anxiety but also get sick a lot from being so run down? I started working as a part time Nanny and also sub in local schools and I find I have been sick steady. I already cant work full time due to my constant anxiety but I don't want to call in sick all the time either when I'm feeling ill. I know I pick up a lot of germs from kids but I take vitamins, use hand sanitizer and try to eat generally well most of the time. I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions?

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  • Hey mate, yes I'm often feeling run down and achy/fluey but without the full virus (sweats/chills). I'm just trying to keep fit, eat right and get plenty of rest, but still having all the tired and run down feelings, so really interested in anyone's suggestions too.

  • Omg yes i do. I get sick so easily. I havent been sick for a while bow. But at one point i came down with the flu then a few days of gettin better i got tonsilitis then an ear infection i was so scared! I didnt know why i was getting sick so often. But thank god tgats over and done with. I always wanted to know if i was anxiety related?

  • I'm pretty stew being in s constant state of anxiety causes your immune system to suffer unfortunately :(

  • Wow i figured because your body is always down and out always emotionally wrecked and exhausted iam not suprised.

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