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Good Days And Bad Days

does anyone else get that feeling when you can be fine one week or one day even and then anxiety kicks in. it sucks because whenever i have a panic attack (the panic attacks i have build up and leaves me feeling sh** even the MONTH after) leave me feeling that there is no hope feeling so alone. it just amazes e that people are actually out there wanting to help its great. i feel crap now and i dont think i will be getting to sleep anytime soon. but does anyone else get it when you just want to be out with people ALL of the time and never want to be at home? I havent been to the doctors about it and i dont take medication i feel like i should but fear everyone will see me in a different light. i dont know if i can carry on doing this...

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Hello :-)

I can see you posted 2 years ago , I have been looking at some posts from a year ago that had no replies and thought that was a long time but 2 years :-o

Sorry you did not get a response but wanted to let you know we are trying to make the Community more active so if you ever still look on update us on how you are doing :-)

Take Care x


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