Thoughts on current feelings of anxiety? With head?

Recently as in the past three weeks give or take I've been feeling weird head feelings that I can describe as almost feeling a shaking feeling in my head or this feeling that my brain and head gets so tense it starts to feel shaky its not constant but it happens at least 10 times a day. It grabs my attention and for a moment i want to shiver or shake my head uncontrollably but i never have. I have yawned and gotten shivers from it though. I've gone to the doctors and said I've had head pains, it hurts but they didn't find anything abnormal but I haven't got any scans or anything before. It almost sometimes feels like there's things moving around when I move my head I'm not sure what it is and an accurate way to express it. Is this common for anyone or should I be concerned and look into it more? Is it just health anxiety?

Edit: I also have feelings of being in a haze, that my eyes are foggy and I'm not where I am does this connect to my head or symptoms of anxiety?

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