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Can Anxiety really cause all this ?

Hello, I am Marie Forbus. I'm 54 years old and am desperately trying to just figure out what's going on with my insides. I have been diagnosed with ADHD, Bi-polar and every known problem with my stomach. To make a very long story short.....10 almost 11 years ago my Gastrointestinal Dr took out my gall bladder to "FIX" the other problems. I've had back surg3ry, my stomach has been opened up 12 inches down the middle ( a wreak ).then mesh put in along with various other surgeries but NOTHING could hurt as bad as the pain I have in my upper abdomen. Last night I once again went to the ER after being in extreme pain & in bed for 3 days. And as USUAL after blood work and a CT Scan they proudly announce that I'm fine !! NO I'M NOT FINE. Today everytime I get up out of bed or from the chair I'm so dizzy it makes me nauseated. If I'm " Normal" and everything is fine.....What's my problem ? Am I crazy ? I know I hurt. I know I'm dizzy, but why do dr's not find anything. Could my anxieties about financial and other things be so great that IT is causing my problems. I feel Crazy because the doctors just blow me off and send me home. Does anybody Know anything that could help me.? I'm really tired of living my life like this. I have an 18 yr old that I know the last 10 yrs has affected. PLEASE Help me to figure this out !! Thanks Marie

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Hi Marie

I too have the same ive been saying to my go that I feel exausted all the time look white pain in my stomach so weak and dizzy,I too suffer from anxiety .fobbed off by go .Fell at xmas then was taking ibuprofen which triggers a burst ulcer rushed into hospital I feel awfull no end to it in sight .


Hi :) For me anxiety can cause, palpitations, fast heart beat, flushed overheated feeling, thirst, dizziness and light headed due to fast pulse and stomach problems, lack of apetite, nauseau and feel worse when I dont eat/ drink. I also have b12 deficiency and so wonder if getting all my vitamins right would make the anxiety lessen. I have tried to accept I just have anxiety and always will and try to minimise the effects. By the sounds of it you have a lot of other medical problems and given the operations maybe scar tissue is contributing to your pain? If your problems are caused by anxiety/ in part by anxiety this should also be treated and taken seriously but it seems it is often just dismissed. Maybe worth having your medications reviewed in case any are interacting and causing problems? Not sure what will be causing the problems for you but it seems there are a number of possibilities and I hope a professional can help you to work out the cause and help you fix it. I saw a counsellor for a bit and it helped me feel listened to in a way that doctors dont, but that wont necessarily help you if it is a physical medical problem that is causing you pain. It might help you get a bit of support though.

As an aside, I notice you say you have been diagnosed as bi-polar. I have a family member who was also diagnosed in the past ten years or so and wondered if you hav come across forums such as this that are good for information and support on bipolar?



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