Lump in my throat

Hi everyone laid in bed unable to sleep, I was wondering if anyone else suffers with a condition called globus, I went to see the doctor a few weeks ago telling her I felt like a gave a constant lump in my throat, this has caused me alot of sleepless nights and been quire scarey, the doctor told me it is anxiety causing this, if anyone does have this is there any advice you could give me please

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  • Hi Maggie. I am actually going through the same thing. I feel like there is a constant lump in my throat. I feel like food sometimes gets stuck there too. I've been to my doctor, and she seems to think it is nothing. She wants to put me on anti anxiety medication. I had an X-ray test, and am currently waiting for the results. This is all I can think about. It is consuming my life right now. I am scared I really do have something in my throat. Hopefully it is nothing. Just know you are not the only one.

  • My doctor thought I may have this and sent me to ear nose and throat. Turned out I had lrp or silent reflux . Have you been referred to a specialist?

    Try to relax do meditation and breathing exercises. Be good to yourself take care.

  • I have that too when I'm starting to feel Really anxious and my anxiety is high . Try deep breathing and relax . It my be street and anxiety that makes u feel this . I also drink cold water and try to think positive about everything , remind your self thesteem feeling your feeling is anxiety . Hope you feel better don't worry you'll be okay .

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