Living with Anxiety
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I have suffered from Anxiety and Depression from the age of 16 (I am now 23) so my moods have constantly always been up and down. For the past year or so I have suffered terribly with nausea and vomiting, which I think could be related to my anxiety but I am unsure. I wake up early hours of the morning every week to month or so feeling very sick and nine times out of ten will vomit and feel better afterwards. I am also having trouble eating enough for breakfasts and lunches as I feel so sick all the time and have no desire to eat. I don't have much of a social life anymore because of the nausea and panic when I am in social situations, and alcohol seems to be a massive trigger for the nausea and anxiety too. I use cannabis to aid in my nausea, appetite and anxiety, I also have CBT every week and take 20mg Citilopram. I feel at such a loss because I feel like I'am trying so hard to help myself but I still feel so unsatisfied with life. If anyone can help or give any advise or share their experiences with me Id be really grateful.


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Hi Katherine. I'm also 23 and I've lived with depression/anxiety for just about as along as you have. Don't worry, we're in the same boat. Do you have someone that you can talk to? A parent? or a therapist?


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