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Just a little info please

Hi :) im new to this wonderful site and recently been diagnosed with anxiaty. My problem started about 5weeks ago and since then i feel like a nervous wreck :/ it all started with a panic attack and now i worry constantly about another attack. I have a wonderful caring wife and children but i wish i could just feel like my normal self again. I feel like i dont know enought about whats happening too me. I work full time and Now im terrified im going to have a 'episode' at work. My questions are basically is this a normal way to think? Is there any ways i can improve my bad thoughts? Is it anxiaty that i have? Is anxiaty a mental health issue? Why do i suddenly have it? Will it ever go away? Also thank you all for such a inviting place to talk and vent about a subject that terrifies me

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Hi stu and welcome :-) firstly anxiety is scary. It's not always mentally it can be emotional and physical too. What were you doing when you first realised you were having an attack? I worry about attacks at work,however, as my job is very busy it doesn't give me time to worry about it. It's when I'm not busy I have them. As its new to you id firstly sit and talk it through with your wife. Explain what you feel when it happens. That way she knows what you are going through when it happens. Next I'd go see your gp and explain to them how you feel. They may suggest therapy b fore it lasts too long. There's many things you can do, breathing techniques etc hope you get more answers soon :-)

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Hi evey :). I think my anxity it mental and mainly physical :/ sometimes i feel like a bag of nerves and feel like i have too much energy that i cant get rid of :/. Is that a normal anxiaty issue? I'm a landscape Gardner so hopefully after new year when I go back to work my routine keeps me busy. If seen my gp and he gave me some pills .he said the pills take up too a month to work. Thank you for your reply. Have a wonderful christmas and new year :)


Your way of thinking is common. I used to fear panic attacks, but it is the fear of them that keeps them coming. If you get one, remind yourself thAt nothing bad happened. You survived it and tell yourself you can do it again. The way to rid yourself of anxiety is to change your perspective on it and that's done by amending your thoughts to helpful, positive ones instead of negative and foreboding ones.

That's easier said than done, though.

Anxiety is caused when the flight or fight response is triggered on, but for people with persistent anxiety, it means that that "switch" has simply stayed twitched on. Our minds are preparing us for threatening scenarios, but while helpful in actual threatening scenarios, it can be misinterpreted that safe places are "threatening."

Anxiety, in result, can affect aspects mentally, which indirectly affects aspects physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

Your brain is continually off shooting that danger response, which causes your body to react, thus stressing the body and resulting in affects such as rapid heartbeat, sweating, clammy hands, shaky hands, and a myriad of other symptoms. The affect of stress is known to have over 100 symptoms, but anxiety is not considered a serious problem.

Doctors often label this as a disorder, when it is actually due to a trained thinking style of which you continually see many things as bad and dangerous. Though people may argue me on that, I do not believe it is a disorder, as I know people who have had it and have completely overcome it. It is just about the effort, exercise, dedication, and determination to rid both your body and mind of anxiety, and turn that great big threatening button off.

(And I'm really hoping that Doctor Who reference did not go unappreciated by anyone. Ha ha.)

Feel free to message me, as I have read a lot about anxiety, as well as many helpful things to overcome it. Though I'm still dealing with it, I have no doubt I'll beat it, and it's important that you believe that too, for yourself.

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Thank you for your wonder and detailed message. Is anxiaty a chemical imbalance? I had a water infection when i had my bad panic attack and wondering if my fears are because of that :/. I used to go to gym 4x a week but now i panic when my body gets sore from weight lifting that i stopped going. Do you think i should go back to my gym schedule? Thank you for the confidence boost your message has gave me :) i know i seem spitefull but its very reasuring knowing im not alone feeling the way i do. I wish you and your family a wonderfull exciting christmas and a excellent new year


Anxiety is, I believe, not caused by a chemical imbalance. If so, there wouldn't be such a straightforward diagnosis and for many, it can come from out of the blue or build up to a panic attack.

Usually it is good to cut out a lot of caffeine as it is a stimulant and can increase anxiety. However, small intakes occasionally should not be bad, but don't be concerned if you feel anxiety increase after coffee.

Heavy workouts can also increase anxiety because again, you're stimulating muscles and such, but I am not sure if that is what can in ease anxiety. Exercise is general is definitely recommended with anxiety because it burns off excess adrenaline. But really really heavy workouts is usually not advise, but yeah, I'd still go to the gym. Alcohol is also a stimulant, like coffee, but again, it can increase anxiety temporarily (or its symptoms) but that doesn't mean something is wrong with you or that you have a health problem. Some say don't eat sugar, but I'm a girl and well, I love my sugar. So I'll say in moderation.better yet, try it and see if you notice a difference and if you DO, don't be concerned over it. That is completely normal.


Also i havent drank alcohol or coffee sinse sinse dr diagnosed my anxiaty. Is it safe to maybe have a drink or atleast a coffee with friends?


Oh, and a chemical imbalance doesn't cause fears. Your perspective on something causes a fear. That's due to the way you think, not a chemical imbalance, otherwise things such as exposure or "going out anyway" wouldn't help. And it has helped me.


And if you have a lot of questions, message me on them and if I can, I will answer each one in detail with a n explanation. And if you want, I can tell you if I've experienced the same symptom, and let you know how I overcame it. Ask as many questions as you'd like. Knowledge is power.


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