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Living with Anxiety
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Pick a boo I see you

So I had a very relaxing weekend. Visited my mom who I haven't seen in 2 years. Had a braai with my ex and my husband ....yes we get along lol, its possible you know. I have been trying to try new methods these days thinking that if I eliminate al the bad energies in my life positive energies will follow. So check on the ex..Last night was a little bit of struggling to fall asleep, hate that feeling when it feels like you are just going into that deep wonderful sleep then suddenly it feels like someone pulls you out uprubtly. Went and made myself some calamine tee got into bed with my 2 year old and just held her tight said a prayer to thank God for everything and felt myself calming down. It always seems to help when I hold my daughter, she's my calming pill lol.

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It sounds like you are very positive in how you are looking at dealing with your anxiety :-)

How nice to read what comfort your Daughter is to you , makes you count your blessings among all this to be so blessed :-)

Hope you are having a good day :-)

Take Care x


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