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Hello again my friend

Hello again this is my daily wake me up. Anxiety friend or fou? Oh gosh never friend! How can I even use anxiety and friend in the same sentence? Well you see once you learn to accept anxiety the fear of anxiety gradually start getting better and something you don't fear any more can't be your enemy anymore. Anxiety and all its pains and aches including feelings of loosing control or unrealness well thats just not something our guman kind can comprehend. We all experience daily pains in our bodies like muscle spasms skipped heart beats and so forth but because we have anxiety our pains are amplifed because our minds have been made aware of these pains and that causes in return panic. Our minds is so powerful but we can get better

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Good point, the book I'm on at the minute says the same make friends with it , be comfortable with it , and except the sensations .. It does help :-)


Easier said than done thats what we all think right? Its good that your equipping yourself with knowledge. No more fear of the unknown. What book are you currently reading?



Just answered your last post and then read this , positive again and makes perfect sense , now the hard bit putting it into practice but you are so right about the mind been a powerful thing as well as we will get better , small steps , a day at a time :-)

Take Care x


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