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Docs visit today

Hi to all went docs today after 3 weeks bleeding my doc done swabs today wasn't very nice gave me a letter for the Coombe hospital to get my womb checked all my bloods were back today she said everything looked fine I didn't take my pill yesterday and took a parietal for my stomach the bleeding seemed to slow down so she now wants me to get the coil in she also told me I have globus anxiety that's why I feel choking and smothering sensations I was told ad eat more protein and dinners as I wasn't eating nothing thanks for listening everyone enjoy the rest of your evening

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hi their that don't make sense is your doctor for real you have been bleeding for three weeks and the doctor has just took some swabs from you i thought your doctor would have sorted you before now, anyway i hope you feel better soon and enjoy your dinners all the best Alan x

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That sounds like a very positive appointment you have just had and well done going back and unlike the other day not getting fobbed of

Sounds to me she has done every thing right she has taken swabs and referred you to have your womb checked which they can only do by referral and not in the surgery , let us know when you get your appointment

Try and eat better as she explained because it really does help if you can even if it is little bits but often :-)

Well done again getting the wheels in motion to get this sorted , it is a big thing when we have anxiety so you should be proud today with your achievement :-) x


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