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I cant cope

I have been suffering with health anxiety for almost 3 years now. When it first started it was awful i was constantly googling the symptoms i had and it was almost like i was obsessed with every little pain or twinge in my body. I was convinved i had a brain tumour but after having constant check ups basically living at the doctors it kind of went away. The anxiety was still there but not about my health. The past week i have been experincing weird symptoms and the health anxiety is back and worse than its ever been. Im terrified that im going to die and too scared to go to the doctors. I cant tell my mom because it annoys her when i constantly seek reassurance. I cant accept that it is anxiety and i cant cope with it any longer. Does anybody else feel like this?

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I have suffered with Health Anxiety since been a child and now I am a mature adult shall we say :-D

So yes I relate to what you say , I take it maybe you are not very old as you mention your Mum gets annoyed with you if you go on about it

I suppose it can be difficult for others to understand unless they suffer and sometimes they just don't no how to reassure us or it can be quiet tiring keep reassuring us because until we change our way of thinking & reacting no amount of been reassured makes a difference for long

When I was younger there was not the help , understanding and support there is now & I so wish there had of been so I no that most Doctors are understanding and you could really do with some kind of Counselling to help you , don't let your Doctor dismiss this but ask if you could be referred it will be one of the best things you will ever do so you can nip this as we say in the bed before it takes root and then it becomes so much harder to retrain the way we think

I hope you get some support :-)

Take Care x

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Hi, can you explain to me what "healthy anxiety " is and what's the difference ? Are there any other types I was told mine was server anxtiey ?? Would really appreciate it please if you get the to time x


Hello :-)

I believe that anxiety is anxiety and some have general anxiety where everything makes them anxious where others can have one aspect of anxiety that affects then more and that is the root cause of their anxiety like worrying over you health all the time , so every twinge has to be life threatening , when a Doctor tells you everything is fine we believe it for a day and then we start disbelieving the Doctors diagnosis & start believing it really is something bad again

Others can also have general anxiety where everything makes them feel a certain degree of anxiety but again one thing above all can be the thing that really makes there anxiety soar again could be if they feel there is something wrong with their health

I think the main thing really is ask yourself , if someone could wave a magic wand and take away the anxiety over your health , do you think you could get on with life & not feel anxious any more or do you think it would make things a little better but you would still be anxious & struggle to cope , if it is the latter then that would point to more of general anxiety

Not sure if I have explained it very well but hope it helps a little bit :-) x

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Thank you x

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