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Well, I have retired from my job at the DWP. 31ST July officially but I have been off sick for the past 6

weeks. It was getting too much just getting in and out of the building even though I was parked outside(courtesy of Blue Badge) Last day before going off sick I had to get a colleague to wheel me out! As I now have Severe PH as well as Severe COPD to contend with I feel it is the right time. End of an era really, as I had worked there for 15 years. Oh well got the bash to look forward to at lunchtime on 5th August.

All the best to everyone


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It sounds like it is the best thing for you even though I know change and the thoughts what will we do now can be daunting

But try & think of everything you have not been able to do because of work and make the most of it :-)

I am wondering as you have COPD if you meant to post in anxiety even though you are welcome here but there is also that Community where you may find more members that will understand how you feel

Enjoy your bash on the 5th August :-) x


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