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Anxiety is back?

Hi All,

I've suffered with GAD for years now (I'm 47) and for the most part have managed to control my symptoms through several tried and trusted techniques - self-assurance, breathing, exercise, etc...

For a while it has been at bay and I could continue with life as normal...but over the past couple of months it has come back with vengeance. Having gone through a recent divorce and selling/buying house, moving to a new area has probably had a great bearing on this.

The hardest part has been coping with the physical symptoms - which are daily high muscle tone in neck, arms and legs (feeling like I cannot fully relax them), and constipation. Coupled with this is an ever present slight vertigo...if that's what I can call it. Basically, I feel like my balance is slightly off or heavy headed.

I was diagnosed with disc degeneration in my C-spine... and at one point wondered if I could be suffering with Cervical Stenosis, as the symptoms for this are very similar to what I've been experiencing. But my GP thinks this is not the case, having checked my reflexes and strength OK.

I'm hesitant to go back to my GP as I don't want to appear like a hypochondriac, but I don't know if this is just my anxiety or not. I may just see my physiotherapist for some work on my neck maybe.

Has anybody experienced anything like this?


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I can relate to a lot of what you have said & I agree a divorce as well as moving house must have had a massive impact on you & I am not surprised your anxiety has come back but be reassured that you have been here before & with time & the right care you got to a place where you could keep it at bay & you will get there again , I really hope you are been kind to yourself after all you have been going through

Yes I would go back and see my Doctor and I do not think for one minute they will think you are a hypochondriac that could be the anxiety you are feeling talking telling you that as you will know from your past anxiety likes to keep us in a negative mind zone

Remember or what I always tell myself is they do get paid to see us with our problems so by going in a way we are helping them stay in a job & maybe contributing to their next holiday they need patients as much as we need them , so make that appointment and ask for any treatment , referrals or anything else you feel will benefit you keeping at the front of your mind you are not asking for anything that you are not entitled to & the sooner you can get help I think is always a positive for us rather than let things slide making what already feels difficult even more hard to cope with

Take Care x


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