Living with Anxiety
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It has been a struggle!

Hi everyone hope you guys are trying to enjoy your day. Well it's been about 2 months and has been a struggle with anxiety but I have managed. Managed to control it , I wake up every day and thank the Lord for another day, thank him for his peace . I know it's hard to deal with this fear and anxiety. But u got to not give up and tell yourself that it will be okay always. I tend to tell myself over and over that it's fine things will be okay , that my days will be wonderful . It helps train my mind that it will be a good day. Once I get nervous and start to over think too much . I tell my self I got this and never give up . Practice breathing which helps me calm down. I also wake-up look in the mirror and I tell myself out loud ( you are not going ruin my day today .. go away). It might be weird but I talk to my anxiety lol. It works for me .it's been a struggle training myself , my thoughts my life but it can be done!! I'm not taking anything for it , I'm still in the process of training my self to go get a check up and get some lab work done see how health my body is. I just hate doctors and its a fear I have to over come. I will be fine , I have been I'm 34 years old with 3 beautiful children and a loving husband that tries to understand me . Which I know drives him crazy . I'm trying to regain my life back , regain the beauty of it ... I'm just grateful life always finds a way of letting u know it will be OK , your just different and there's nothing wrong with that. Hope everyone has a wonderful day . :)

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What a lovely positive post & well done coming so far , I hope it long continues & I wish you well :-) x

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Thank you Tigger :)

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