Rls and anxiety

I was just diagnosed with rls today and I think it is causing my anxiety to go insane. I get numb feet and it feels like cold rushes down my legs and feels like my nerves are being pinched. I also get the cold rushes all over my face. Last night when I tried to sleep I kept feeling like I was going to pass out and throw up. Which were signs I had when my anxiety was really bad. I don't believe that the rls is all I have because my pain is really bad and it just feels more neurological. Does anyone else with rls see it affect their anxiety and are any of your rls symptoms similar to mine. Maybe stressing out is what's causing me more anxiety. I just get worried haha

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    Just in case other members read your post & are not sure what RLS means I thought if I just put I am sorry you are suffering from Restless leg syndrome hopefully you may get more replies as others may relate to your post then :-)

    Now that you have been diagnosed with this have they offered more tests to see if there is any underlying things that could be the cause such as low iron among other things , I would hope they have but if not I would press for them to do some tests to see if there could be another medical reason why you have it as if there was they could maybe treat that which could make it better for you , even though sometimes I believe it can be something some people suffer from & have to learn ways with support how to make it easier & to live with it

    Certainly anxiety will not help the condition & lack of sleep won't either if it is keeping you awake so I would speak to your Doctor & even if you have already I would speak to them again & let them know how this is affecting you & that you need some more support

    Getting stressed & anxious certainly makes most things worse & if you are feeling stressed this will & could be some of the symptoms you are feeling rather than the Restless Leg Syndrome but again your Doctor could discuss this with you

    I know this must be unpleasant to deal with but try & stay positive that it is not a life threatening illness & one you can learn to manage

    Have you looked in communities on HU & searched if there is a community that deals with Restless Leg syndrome , not sure if there is but could be worth looking as well as talking to others that know how it feels when you are anxious

    Hope you get some more replies that may help x

    Just had a look & yes there is a community on HU for Restless leg syndrome , not sure if you are a member already but I have put you the link that will take you straight to the community so you can have a look if there is any information on there that may be useful x


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