Feeling weak and faint

Hope somebody here can help I feel weak when I get up and walk with a wierd not completely dizzy just off balance then I get exshaused again and have to rest, I get so tired it's unreal, it's a effort of get dressed and ready for the day, I also have a constant headache in the front of my head and my neck feels alful. I have had bad eyes for a gets keep getting infections where I can open them and in the corner where the tear duct is is really sore and painful, this has happened a few times in the last month and the other eye is bloodshot I use dry eye drops and cold flannel on my eyes, when I stand up my legs feel like jelly. I am wondering if all this is anxiety, I know they are two diffrent things . But I am worried about how I feel and my eyes . Thankyou.

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  • Have you visited a doctor for all your symptoms?

  • Thanks for replying yes I am always at the doctors I am going this morning again, I have appointments for the eye clinic February ,I have seen a doctor about all this at the hospital, and I haven't had my blood tests done yet due to feeling so weak and fasting on the morning of blood test, I have a appointment to go back to hospital in march , I think the doctor wants to take things slowly and look a t the blood tests and take it from there he thinks all this is in my mind.as he emanined me and said my heart and lungs were okay, I am just so exhausted all the time. I don't know the answere.

  • I hope that everything works out for you anxiety can make u feel weak and take your energy how is your sleeping?

  • I seem to sleep but take ages to get off then I wake early in the mornings and feel exshauted to get up, went to the doctor this mornings , but feel to tired now to even get a percription for my eyes he said it could be depression or cronic fatique or some other name fibro somerhing, couldn't remember, he said at least the doctor is seeing me in two months time and will take it from there. Because all my test have come back normal, he doesn't know what else to do with me, nor do I come to that. I supposed I am mentally tired again, due to feeling very unhappy about things and my husbands and sons illnesses, and I have always have setbacks with this anxiety disorder, I suppose I am having a severe setback.

  • Well its a good thing everything came back normal I guess its alot of stress you are going through in time things will get better just try and take it easy and do cbt and also they have apps for relaxation and meditation hope u feel better soon

  • Hi have you :) ad your thyroid checked

  • Thanks Wendy I have everything checked my tyhroid excuse spelling was underactive about a year ago and then the doctor had it done again and it was normal, but about a year ago I looked on the doctor peak field forum who deals with thyroid and his secretary sent me a questionnaire to fill in which I did and took my basal tempeture morning and night which seems to be 36.2 a lot I sent back the questionnaire and waited weeks for a reply when the doctor wrote to me and said it seems I have a underactive tyroid and suggested I sent a specimen off to a lab for analysis whic would have cost a hundred pound which I didn't do, as if it comes back underactive, where will I get the prescriptions from. So I don't know anymore who to believe. My eyes are really sore and I had a panic attack in homebase yesterday I couldn't walk and felt faint it worse horrible, tired and down today, wish I could feel better.

  • Hi

    Just a thought.. I had similar symptoms last year, turned out I had low b12. Had to take tablets for 3mths and be tested again. My test came good and I feel better now.

  • Hi there

    b12 I'm guessing that's vitamin b12

  • Yes it is.

  • Hi there thanks for replying anyway, I wondered what your result was for the b12 as mine 445ng/L whatever that means , that was over a year ago, I don't know if it is at he lower end of the scale , what doctor looks at he said my levels were normal but I have read somewhere if they are at the lower end of the scale you can still be a bit low .

  • Hi

    I was told that my levels were on the low side.

    I would go back and ask to be tested again. X

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