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Eye problems

Hello everyone. It's been ages since my last post. Losing Gramps was hard and I miss him so badly. I am slowly getting used to life without him.

Everything has been going well until my left eye keeps playing up. I wake up with some blurred vision which takes ages to go away. It's only happened a few times and its worrying me.

I know I should see a doctor but it's too busy and can't make an appointment

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I am sorry to hear about your bereavement

Your eyes been blurred just a couple of times when waking could just be tiredness & rather than seeing your doctor your opticians can be the best to go if you have any eye problems , they usually can fit you in pretty quick & depending on your circumstances you may be eligible for a free eye test & if not some options still offer free eye test ,they can check everything out for you & reassure you , our eyes are worth looking after so if you have concerns make that appointment x

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Hi. I work in an opticians... You are better going there than a doc. As can do more examinations than the doc.. Tesco do free eye tests for everybody regardless if you have had an NHS as do Asda I believe. It only takes 20 min. Good luck..


Thanks everyone. I am thinking it's due to being on a admin placement since December and working with computers all day long, along with phones and my own computer. My eyes feel tired too. I've been told last time this happened I had tired eyes and was told to use a wet flannel at night over eyes to help them. I will do that and see if I can book a eye test with SpecSavers next week :)


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