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Alcohal and anxiety

I have been feeling anxiety free for about a week or so and decided to finally go out and have fun. Had 2 mixed drinks friday and then had only 3 beers on Saturday and went to bed sunday feeling terrible. Nightmares, woke up and couldn't move and was I extremely dizzy and nauseas. It's now tuesday and even tho it's not terrible anxiety, I know I have been having anxiety the past 2 days. Is this normal? I'm not a big drinker. I honestly don't care. I was just relaxing for the first time in months but it's not worth having anxiety again because I finally felt normal again. Does anyone else experience this. The weakness, and dizziness and fatigue and just feeling weird?

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I had this many time with alkohol. I suffer from anxiety and for long time was scared to have a drink and when I did the anxiety would get worst . I am ok now , still feel bad the next day and the anxiety is mild so have a break for a while . Is really difficult specially when you see your friedns and they all having a drink and you also want to enjoy yourself but is not worth it. Trust me give you body time to recover.


Thank you for the reply. I was finally feeling normal after weeks and so decided to go out which was a mistake. It's just weird to me how long the anxiety can happen after drinking. Today I had a bad attack and it's been since Sunday when I only drank 3 beers. I'm not a drinker so I should have no problem but it does suck because so many things cause anxiety now. I guess I thoigjt my body was ready before it truly was


Hi Morgs40,

I've no advice to give on this subject but wanted to say thanks. I'm sure this has explained my recent relapse. We went out in Saturdsy and I've been really anxious ever since (it's Monday now). I know everyone is different but I'm sure this has happened to me too


YA, it sucks. But I think it was the reason for my anxiety too. Guess we gotta just take it easy and not drink :/


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