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That same old feeling once again!!!

Hello my friends.... Well I am back in the dumper once again. How life can change in the blink of an eye. Worried and anxious once more.... Thought I had given it the slip but nope. This whole idea that one can be happy and sad all in the same moment is a puzzlement. Its the same old thing with me My new relationship has come to an end... My friend was in terrible emotional pain when we met (she lost her Son ) in a terribly stupid accident three years ago. And as some of you who have lost a child will understand my Brenda has been in hell ever since.... We still remain close loving friends So I have that as a blessing.. She cares for me deeply and I feel the same of her. I wish I could heal her pain But of coarse that will never happen.... She can`t give me the love she see`s in my eyes ...and has been honest with me about her need to heal herself for herself.

Much love to you all. steve.

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Hi Steve will pm you xx


Hi Steve

:( sorry to hear this

It's good you are talking about it, and it will take time for her to heal that's the best she can do right now is giver herself time to find herself and come to a place were she can heal.


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